popping at the end of the week

popcorn DSC_1187 copyΒ It’s our end of the week tradition.

Friday afternoon means popcorn.

No maths, no spelling, no fighting (please).

No place to be but here,

with a bowl full of still warm popcorn.

A tiny end of the week celebration in the form of some golden dried corn kernels that miraculously turn light and white when heated. (Am I the only one that finds that rather amazing?)

polite little children can turn into popcorn savages if unsupervised

guarded remains

26 thoughts on “popping at the end of the week

  1. what a lovely tradition brydie and such cute photos..i used to make it for my three too..and if we went to the cinema i’d make a bag for each of them..i wonder if i did them any permanent psychological damage by not letting them have that horrid stuff they sell?


  2. Our popcorn time is Sunday evening.
    I make a large bowl and then save the left overs(when we had kids at home- no leftovers) and Frank enjoys it all week. Or sometimes I make it into caramel corn.
    Popcorn is the best snack.
    Great post!


  3. What a fab way to start the weekend! We often turn music up loud and have dancing around the kitchen as our Friday breaking up from school/work tradition but popping has to be the way forward. It still seems miraculous to me too..


  4. We have popcorn on Friday too, though ours is after a simple dinner (like soup and home made bread) and in front of a movie – tonight’s pick was Tinkerbell and the Big Rescue. We alternate between letting the kids pick and me picking so they get to see some classics. My last pick was Annie.


  5. No, not just you. I find it amazing too. You’ve brought back some lovely childhood popcorn memories with my own little tuckers. I think it’s a textural thing and definitely a ‘senses’ thing. The popping noise, the popcorn hitting you in the face, the squealing, The overpowering smell. And then the silence as little faces look like goldfish with popcorn filled mouths. Hehe. Lovely. x


  6. Love the second photo Brydie. We have a semi-regular family movie night on Fridays (last week we endured ‘Honey I shrank the kids’). We’ve been making home-made choc tops, but you’ve reminded me how good (and healthy) home-made popcorn is! Haven’t made it for ages!


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