loving this week

Loving this week…

being tucked up inside

when summery storms end

a hot day with thundery down pours

Inspiring visits from a wonderful midwife

Sneaky sleepy naps with Little Monkey

Date night out with Mr Chocolate,

nearly getting to here, but getting in here instead. I love this place.

Remembering how beautiful the city is when I’m usually tucked up in bed.

Long chats around the kitchen table.

Soothing massaging hands, that lull you to sleepiness…bliss.


What have you loved this week?

Red Lantern

Can you guess where I had lunch?

My belly is full, my mind content and my taste buds happily reliving each dish…

Red Lantern.

Now I don’t do restaurant reviews, so this is a plead. Please go there, the food is truly wonderful.

I was really happy with going to Aria last year, but I have to say Red Lantern, you have taken my heart. A restaurant that has two feet firmly planted in the ethical, sustainable, organic eating arena while staying within their Vietnamese origins.

A cosy table for two tucked away in the corner. Let me have one eye on the other customers, seeing what they were ordering. While keeping the other eye on Mr Chocolate making sure he didn’t take any more of the melt in your mouth chilli salted squid than he should be.

It was also really lovely to see Luke Nguyen taking plates out to tables and explaining dishes to customers. Taking the time out to explain one particular dish to me and then coming back to show what he had meant about the cooking process, with said dish in hand.

Food was beautifully presented, tasted wonderful and I’ll be thinking about those dishes for a good while to come.

 Muc Rang Muoi- chilli salted squid

 Banh Tom- rice cakes with tiger prawns, caramelized pork and pork floss

 Goat Curry

 Dessert tasting plate- Coconut Creme Caramel with Strawberries, Sesame dumpling with Black Sesame Icecream, Black Sticky Rice with Caramelized Pumpkin and Coconut Cream.

Table for two next week?….Yes please.


Red Lantern

545 Crown Street

Surry Hills, Sydney

(o2) 96984355