need to sing a little aria…

Sometimes a bit of the city comes out of the hippy farm girl. Sometimes that city part needs to be nourished, embraced and relished in. Sometimes, just sometimes that city living is enough to make you want to sing…

Sing an aria.

I have been singing all week. Ever since I got the confirmation email…”we are pleased to confirm your reservation…and look forward to welcoming you to ARIA restaurant.”

Now call me a dag, call me a curd nerd, call a ‘bloody hippy’, but you can also call me a Matt Moran fan. Why?…There is something about that guy that and his food that catches my attention. I had wanted to go to his Sydney restaurant (two hatted) for quite a few years now and here I was finally about to get that opportunity.

…and yes I was singing with excitement.

A gorgeous day out with my man, they could have served us canned baked beans and I would have been happy. Why?

1/ We don’t go out that often by ourselves…actually, um never.

2/ The Monkeys weren’t grappling my legs. Instead happily tying their grandmother to a door frame at home, lighting small fires under her feet and taunting her. (As long as we didn’t get a phone call, that was fine.)

3/ It really is the most stunning harbour, sometimes I need to be poked and prodded and reminded of this.

So did they serve baked beans?

amuse bouche- leak and potato soup

Kurobuta sweet pork belly (the best I have EVER tasted) with pickled watermelon and crackling

cured goose breast with chicken liver parfait, poached rhubarb, black pepper and ginger bread

seared fillet of Murray cod (so crispy skin), spinach purée and fricassée of salsify and borlotti beans

char-grilled Rangers Valley sirloin with a cauliflower and bacon croquette, roasted king brown mushrooms and a grain mustard sauce. (otherwise known as the best steak we have ever eaten.)

custard tart with poached pears, nutmeg and ginger bread ice cream

chocolate deliciousness of some kind or another

complimentary petit fours- turkish delight, lamington, nougat
So was it good?….
It was sooo good. The food really was amazing. A truly gorgeous afternoon for a special occasion.
Stand out dishes. The pork- oh sweet mama it just melted on your tongue and made me do embarrassing little groans at every mouthful as it was so good. The poached rhubarb black pepper a combination that I really need to steal. The steak was served with a steak knife- No need, it was the softest, most melt in your mouth steak I have ever come across. And I don’t even like steak!
The custard tart soft and delicate, the gingerbread icecream with a heady taste of spices that makes you roll each bit around on your tongue.
All simply delicious and inspiring.

Truly beautiful food that I got to share with my lovely Mr Chocolate on our wedding anniversary, on Sydney harbour, next to the Opera house….

Book us in again for next year please.

18 thoughts on “need to sing a little aria…

  1. OH my GOODNESS…. Love the embarrassing little groans at every mouthful and the sirloin…. It is great to see Sirloin on menu…. YummY!
    What was the frothy broth on the chocolate deliciousness plate? What did it taste like? It just looks divine!
    Happy Anna-versary my dear friend, it sounds like an amazing day! 🙂


    • It was an amazing day Anna. I’m so glad I took pictures, just so I can look back on it (I wasn’t going to.)
      The chocolate dish with the foam was vanilla tasting, and the top chocolate part had salt crystals- and the chocolate round part had raspberries through it. I didn’t get to taste a whole lot of that one as…well Mr Chocolate stands by his name 🙂


  2. you are hilarious, I too would be excited at the thought of such an amazing feast – i would be singing at the top of my masterchef lungs! food looks amazing, happy anniversary!


  3. When looking at pics of this kind of food, I’m never sure whether I should be impressed by the ‘piece of art’ quality, or laugh my ass off.
    Usually can’t help doing the latter…


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