Sustainable House Day

Sustainable House Day is on this Sunday 12th September all around Australia. To find out where the open houses are in your area, click here.

Houses are open from 10-4 pm and are free. Just look out for the balloons.

You get to have a look at how different houses are rigging up solar panels, harvesting water, recycling, gardening and many more things. Lots of info to be had, and a good opportunity to find out what is happening in your sustainable living community.

Anyone in the Sydney area that is interested in having a look, a list here of all the houses.

9 thoughts on “Sustainable House Day

  1. We’ve got one of those here in Bristol this weekend too! Coincidence or maybe it’s a world wide thing?

    I think it’s called Bristol Green Doors, there is a thing in England called Open Doors when special buildings not normally open to the public are opened, so the Green Doors is a reference to that. Are y


  2. What a great idea – love it. Until I read Joanna’s comment above, I was about to say I hadn’t heard of anythign similar here except for one I went to a couple of years ago at Totnes , which was the first Transition Town, so only to be expected really.


  3. This is such a cool idea. We’re lovers of all things Green in our household!
    And Joanna – there’s one in Bristol? I live in Bath so might have to pop along! xx


  4. Joanna- that is a funny coincidence. How wonderful if it was a world wide thing down the track.

    Choclette- it is a great idea, I really hope it brings in a lot of people on Sunday and does some inspiring.

    Nell- I would love to know how it went if you do go along. Glad Joanna could point you in the right direction 🙂


  5. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I am going to get to a sustainable house near me. There is also the Randwick Ecoliving Fair on the Sunday 19th September with lots of emphasis on bike riding as transport.


  6. My absolute dream home would be to incorporate as much ‘green energy’ as possible. Did you catch that interesting section on House & Garden (I think) about those guys who’ve made a huge group of B&B huts using hay & mudbrick. I want….
    Thanks for sharing this too.


    • ahhh Anna. This is something I would truly truly love to do as well. A B&B made out of straw bale or adobe building- so many possibilities. I didn’t see this particular program but have watched all bar the last series of Grand Designs- which has some great ideas in there as well… so many dreams…


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