loving this week

Loving this week…

being tucked up inside

when summery storms end

a hot day with thundery down pours

Inspiring visits from a wonderful midwife

Sneaky sleepy naps with Little Monkey

Date night out with Mr Chocolate,

nearly getting to here, but getting in here instead. I love this place.

Remembering how beautiful the city is when I’m usually tucked up in bed.

Long chats around the kitchen table.

Soothing massaging hands, that lull you to sleepiness…bliss.


What have you loved this week?

36 thoughts on “loving this week

  1. I’ve loved settling into my new home and starting to get it looking and feeling like “home”. I’m also loving the fact my beloved cat is starting to relax and feel more at home also (after a very stressful transition). Still lots of unpacking and cleaning to do but each day it feels a bit more like chez moi!


  2. I’ve loved talking to my sister on the phone, having clean dogs who go in muddy puddles, picking leaves of spinach to put in a frittata, and glimpsing other people’s lives through the windows of their blogs. xx


  3. I put it down to being an only child. But there are times I need to be alone and enjoy my own company. It occurred to me when the fellows went bush on Saturday and my daughter left home just the night before, I haven’t been alone for a long, long time. Have had a wonderful, peaceful time at home, no movies, no phone calls, no seeing the neighbours. Just the kangaroo, the chooks and me. So, basically, I’ve loved doing absolutely nothing. Mariana xx


  4. It sounds like a week peppered with lovely sprinklings. I do love a chat with a midwife, what is it about them that is so soothing and calming? Are you planning on a homebirth?

    Loving the sunshine this week. And a crowded vegie group morning with healing company. Massages and sneaky naps do indeed sound like bliss! xx


    • I still love the sounds of your vegie group Christine, I think it would be wonderful to be a part of that.
      Midwives can be incredibly soothing and calming, and yes to the homebirth…*super big excited grin here*.


  5. This is a late response-I’ve been traveling and away from the computer- loving that freedom- to travel for a day. Loving the way my men and I fit back together- quiet talks with my youngest son- enthusiasm and happiness from my husband at not having to get his own meal or carry the responsibility of the household by himself.
    The place within his embrace that says “Welcome home.”


  6. so lovely to have a list of gratitudes, I often try and do it before bed. You obviously had a good week. Here goes mine…spending hours on my own yesterday with my youngest and remembering again what a gorgeous little scamp she is, seeing the smile of my eldest when she runs off to find her friends in the morning at school, lovely cuddles with my husband, a lovely clean kitchen, blue skies after grey clouds, a morning with my wonderful mother.


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