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green cleaning solutions- cityhippyfarmgirl

There is only one cleaning “product” in our household. A made up bottle of eucalyptus oil, washing up liquid, white vinegar and bicarbonate soda.

Cheap, easy on the environment and works a treat for pretty much anything you throw at it.

So how do you make it?

In an old litre bottle container add

about  5-10mls eucalyptus oil

about 100mls dishwashing liquid

and about 750mls of white vinegar

That’s it. GIve it a little shake up and use with a generous sprinkling of bicarbonate soda for cleaning bathrooms, (toilets, tiles, grout.) Use a squirt or two in bucket of warm water for mopping floors. Use undiluted for spot cleaning on carpet. Use as a paste mixed with bicarb soda and rub into stains. Squirt a bit into hot water for soaking really dirty clothes. Or with a small amount, wipe down sticky benches and stove tops.

Easy, cheap and no need what so ever for 127 other varied and excessively packaged “cleaning” products.

10 tips for cleaning with Bicarbonate Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) is great for cooking when something needs a little lift. All it needs is a little wet and acidity and whoosh! Instant leavening agent, (it actually gives off bubbles of carbon dioxide, which are trapped by the baking.) It can also be used as an acidity regulator, used in things like the Sourdough Oat Cakes.

Cleaning purposes- It is a naturally occurring product which makes it perfectly environmentally friendly when used for cleaning and, and neutralizing. For cleaning it’s similar to when used in cooking, whoosh!..and its clean.

10 Tips for what to do with your Bicarb Soda

* A mixture of bicarb, vinegar, dishwashing liquid and eucalyptus oil is my standard clean EVERYTHING solution

* A combination of bicarb and water mixed together to form a paste, then put on to clothing stains. Let it soak in for a while then wash as normal.

* For smelly shoes add a good sprinkling of bicarb soda over night.

* For smelly bins, sprinkle a good layer on the bottom, leave overnight and wipe clean.

* Deoderise carpets with a sprinkling over area and then vacuum. With stains on carpets, mix up a paste of bicarb and water, leave to dry and then vacuum.

* Polishing up jewellery and silverware, and chrome make a paste of bicarb and water, scrub with old toothbrush and then just wash off.

* Clothing whitener, add 1/4 cup bicarb to half bucket of cold water, leave clothing to soak overnight in a bucket and wash as normal. (No need for things like Napisan)

* For tea stained cups, add a paste of bicarb and water, leave for a little while and then rub clean.

* Sprinkle bicarb soda over cat litter tray. It absorbs any moisture and neutralizes any odours. Cat vomit on the carpet, same thing.

* Cleaning out your washing machine add, 1/4 cup bicarb to the soap area and 1/4 cup vinegar to the softener area- short cycle.

There are sooo many other things you can do with Bicarbonate of Soda. Its cheap, its environmentally friendly and it has a cleaning use for just about everything you can think of.