clean and green

green cleaning solutions- cityhippyfarmgirl

There is only one cleaning “product” in our household. A made up bottle of eucalyptus oil, washing up liquid, white vinegar and bicarbonate soda.

Cheap, easy on the environment and works a treat for pretty much anything you throw at it.

So how do you make it?

In an old litre bottle container add

about  5-10mls eucalyptus oil

about 100mls dishwashing liquid

and about 750mls of white vinegar

That’s it. GIve it a little shake up and use with a generous sprinkling of bicarbonate soda for cleaning bathrooms, (toilets, tiles, grout.) Use a squirt or two in bucket of warm water for mopping floors. Use undiluted for spot cleaning on carpet. Use as a paste mixed with bicarb soda and rub into stains. Squirt a bit into hot water for soaking really dirty clothes. Or with a small amount, wipe down sticky benches and stove tops.

Easy, cheap and no need what so ever for 127 other varied and excessively packaged “cleaning” products.