Slow Sunday

A group of friends

A table of food

And a whole lot of lovely conversation


What’s on the menu?

Plain sourdough

Quinoa Sourdough

Butter made from cream- from this local dairy

Caramelised Onion Tart with Labne

Apple Cabbage Pecan Salad

Baked Ricotta

Strawberries in Lemon


* Slow Sunday was originally me hiring a commercial kitchen for the day, to cook locally produced foods, for a seasonal menu. One long table, ten people, and the promise of real food, slow food, unhurried conversation and chance to show what beautiful food is available to us here in sunny Sydney. Alas, not to be… this time. The kitchen changed hands and 3 weeks before, they cancelled the booking. Disappointing, as it had taken me a little while to summon the courage up to book it. However, lunch with a few friends on a much smaller scale menu was decidedly lovely…and perfect for a slow Sunday.