Strawberries in Lemon

Some delicious strawberries are starting to hit my kitchen bench. Just briefly.

Briefly as The Monkeys like to wrestle them out of my hands and flick them into the mouths quicker than you can say…Β hey, I was going to eat that.

I hid two punnets at the back of the fridge. It was the only way I was going to get this dessert out.

Strawberries in Lemon

2 punnets of strawberries (minus maybe a few…. they looked good to me too)

3 tbls raw sugar

3 tbls lemon juice

Let it sit for about an hour, letting all those juices think about things a while. Then put on the table with a flourish…. look what I just found at the back of the fridge!

*For an adult version swap the lemon juice for a sweet white wine.

* For Sydney-siders locally grown strawberries are coming in soon, so keep a look out at your friendly local farmers markets.

16 thoughts on “Strawberries in Lemon

  1. Gorgeous pictures!. And thanks for the reminder of this delicious idea – may have to sneak a punnet or two into the basket next time I shop. We have such a glut of lemons at the moment, so ANY excuse to use some.


  2. Strawberries are always a hit!
    Even when they aren’t in season- they are so good frozen or in jam or …well, I hate to admit it …but shipped in from Chile or California.
    Yours are beautiful!


  3. Ahh, those strawberries look so good, no wonder those Monkeys are tempted. We have to wait for another year now for the local strawberry season to come back. Balsamic vinegar works well on strawberries too as does elderflower cordial.


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