Slow Sunday

A group of friends

A table of food

And a whole lot of lovely conversation


What’s on the menu?

Plain sourdough

Quinoa Sourdough

Butter made from cream- from this local dairy

Caramelised Onion Tart with Labne

Apple Cabbage Pecan Salad

Baked Ricotta

Strawberries in Lemon


* Slow Sunday was originally me hiring a commercial kitchen for the day, to cook locally produced foods, for a seasonal menu. One long table, ten people, and the promise of real food, slow food, unhurried conversation and chance to show what beautiful food is available to us here in sunny Sydney. Alas, not to be… this time. The kitchen changed hands and 3 weeks before, they cancelled the booking. Disappointing, as it had taken me a little while to summon the courage up to book it. However, lunch with a few friends on a much smaller scale menu was decidedly lovely…and perfect for a slow Sunday.

32 thoughts on “Slow Sunday

  1. Sounds lovely. You must have been planning a serious spread to be thinking of hiring a commercial kitchen!

    I’ve never even contemplated making butter. Would be a fascinating post if you were to write one. Hint, hint….


  2. Aren’t you just great? I would never dream of doing such a thing and to be disappointed like that. I would love to cook along with someone else, but I am no good at planning menus, that makes me panic. Your food sounds dreamy and perfect for a slow happy lunch with friends x


  3. What a wonderful idea – like Joanna it would never have occurred to me, but your lunch sounds both delicious and enjoyable.

    As an aside, it’s also nice to be able to semi-picture where you live πŸ™‚ I had no idea I would be coming so close to your neighbourhood! It’s certainly a beautiful one x


  4. Great idea- I’m glad it worked out finally- just not the way you had planned. I come from a largish family- and we used to cook this way when everyone was still close and living. My younger sister and I had so many wonderful meals cooked together and apart and then served in a party atmosphere. This brought back many memories- I went and looked through our menu book- happy times!


  5. Oh I love onion tart, in fact i love anything onion, and those sour doughs. I am waiting for my starter to come then I am going to be needing lessons!, sounds like a gorgeous lunch.. c


  6. Ah, the lack of access to affordable local commercial kitchens – something people are working on solving here on the Sunshine Coast too – your day sounds wonderful, good on you for doing it (lucky friends!)


  7. I was certainly there in spirit, not least for the caramelised onion tart that I so love so much. Sounds like it was a great afternoon Brydie, and the menu would have shone in equally beautiful surrounds and company. xx


  8. it just shows that food is wonderful but it is not just about the kitchen but is about the good simple flavours and good company – sounds wonderful even if not quite as you had planned


  9. Lovely meal, Brydie. I could have done with someone cooking for me this sunday – we had a very slow start to the day after staying up until 3 am supervising the seniors football party.
    A treat that you will have in your future!


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