Moroccan Chickpeas- Frugal Friday

Super quick, and super easy. If you prefer dried chickpeas just soak them before hand, and for the tomatoes if you have fresh ones available in abundance use them. Garlic is also another thing I would usually put in here, but not having access to Australian garlic for the moment, most dishes are garlic less. If you have it at home though, whack it in.

Moroccan Chickpeas

In a pot add a couple of good slurps of olive oil

a diced onion

2 tsp coriander

2 tsp cumin

1 can chickpeas

1 can tomatoes

rinse the can out with half water, pop it in

2 bunches of chopped English spinach

2 chopped carrots

and whack the lid on for about 10 minutes.

Salt to taste and serve with basmati rice or cous cous, a dollop of natural yogurt, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of turmeric.

10 minutes to prepare, and ten minutes to cook


38 thoughts on “Moroccan Chickpeas- Frugal Friday

  1. This is looking and sounding superb Brydie. When you can assemble something as hearty and delicious as this in the short amount of time, it makes those curries-in-a-bottle seem even more ridiculous. Love the addition of the carrots – and appetising presentation as always.


  2. Lovely! I keep soaked but not cooked chickpeas in the freezer – they boil up from frozen perfectly! And have just seen the new season garlic appearing at Eveleigh Markets…


  3. Lovely, thanks Brydie. I have some pumpkin lying around looking a little languid and might also bung in some chopped preserved lemon. Ooh, and perhaps some currants – sorry, can’t help tweaking!


  4. Yes please, open a can for me, though I have to confess that after reading about this boiling and freezing your chickies the other day that’s just what I did yesterday. Trouble is I forget I’ve done it, so still reach for the cans on auto pilot.


      • Ah ha! I think it’s similar to what we call, hee hee, Swiss Chard! That reminds me of the Danish Pastry thing. Called Danish everywhere except Denmark, where they are called ‘Vienna bread’… 🙂


  5. This does look good- and it is so quick!
    I just cooked up some dried chickpeas that I was planning on using in a summer salad with avocados and tomatoes.
    I made a big batch- maybe I’ll make the curry as well!
    One for lunch and the other for dinner!


    • This one is a pretty cheap meal, any legumes are a great way to stretch out a meal… (just have to make sure the kiddo’s all like it- mine still need some convincing with some of them.)
      Yogurt is great on so many things isn’t.


  6. Sounds fabulous and as I have a massive amount of beetroot tops and swiss chard that needs using up I might just make this tonight. The thought of fresh chickpeas had never crossed my mind until now – how silly, I guess you can get them in Oz?


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