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“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE

Revisiting old biscuit favourites, custard biscuits. Loving the simplicity of no fuss baking.

Winter afternoon light, loving the warmth and deliciousness of it.

Loving having little people still small enough to go out confidently wearing pyjama bottom boxer shorts over the top of everyday clothing and the other wearing a cardboard bag as a soldiers helmet on his head. I know these days are numbered and I’m holding onto them with a stifled chuckle and a big heart.


Loving cold beach frolicks.

Lunch date with Mr Chocolate at Three Blue Ducks*. Alone time without little people, we even had two coffees…loving every minute of that.


What are some of those moments that have tickled your heart lately? 

*Check out their small permaculture garden out the back.


Have a peek at some of the things that have tickled Kari’s heart recently.