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“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE

Revisiting old biscuit favourites, custard biscuits. Loving the simplicity of no fuss baking.

Winter afternoon light, loving the warmth and deliciousness of it.

Loving having little people still small enough to go out confidently wearing pyjama bottom boxer shorts over the top of everyday clothing and the other wearing a cardboard bag as a soldiers helmet on his head. I know these days are numbered and I’m holding onto them with a stifled chuckle and a big heart.


Loving cold beach frolicks.

Lunch date with Mr Chocolate at Three Blue Ducks*. Alone time without little people, we even had two coffees…loving every minute of that.


What are some of those moments that have tickled your heart lately? 

*Check out their small permaculture garden out the back.


Have a peek at some of the things that have tickled Kari’s heart recently.


29 thoughts on “loving

  1. Talk about a senior moment! I went and looked at the recipe from the link and posted today’s comment there! Here it is here.

    Love what those monkeys are wearing! I always feel a tad sad when I see little girls dressed up in costumes in the street, like fairy costumes, they aren’t using their imagination like the monkeys. I have no custard powder but it looks like I’ll be picking up some on the way back from the greengrocer.


  2. Time out with Mr Chocolate must be a rare and delightful treat – I’m glad you got it in with sufficient relaxation for 2 coffees to boot 🙂 I also love your new header and the associated picture.

    I’ll be back tomorrow to link in my July post!


  3. As always, Brydie, your eloquent words touch me and your photos delight me. One of the hardest parts of motherhood is letting go as they are growing up. I console myself with the thought that if I hadn’t raised them right, they wouldn’t be able to be so independent and self-sufficient.

    Those custard biscuits look lovely and I think the piping bag is definitely the way to go.


    • I think you’d be a wonderful mum Stacy, and your kids being self sufficient independent little souls now, definitely shows you’ve done something right.

      Piping, yes indeed…everything looks just a tad fancier when it’s out of a piping bag 😉


  4. Kids are so much fun – how do we become so self conscious!

    Have been visiting your blog lately because I have got to the stage where I finally baked my first loaf of sourdough – by no means perfect but was very edible and exciting.


  5. I’m loving gorgeously ripe peaches at the height of summer and what I thought was going to be a sourdough disaster turning out to be a winning ciabatta.


  6. yes those times are short…..reminds me of my big girl when she was little and she wanted to be a cat used to dress in black skivvy and leggins with a pair of black stockings with both legs together stuffed with newspaper and tucked in the back of her leggings waistband with a headband on with ears she had made from cardboard stuck on with sticky tape we would go out shopping her like this and she would whisper triumphantly to me “everyone thinks Im a cat!” It was the height of cuteness. The other was on red nose day she would wear a coloured in piece of egg carton stuck to her face with masking tape… priceless!
    On the cooking front I made a banana coconut cake with chia as egg substitute. It was interesting texture chewy but surprisingly delicious.


  7. I remember those days so fondly of my daughter going out with me to the shops all dressed up in the worst gear but bits and pieces she loved and treasured and thought she looked fabulous in – she was misled! But like you say, those days are for just a season and I would love to go back in time, hold her hand and walk her through the supermarket with her top half bananas and pyjamas and her bottom half superman with the cape around her shoulders and those plastic stilettos on her feet xx


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