lemon and olive oil cake

lemon and olive oil cake


lemon and olive oil cake

I had a whole fruit bowl full of some back yard lemons. Now what to do with all that yellowy goodness?

I thought of lemon meringue pie….

I thought of lemon cordial

I thought of limoncello….

I thought of lemon and rhubarb pie

I thought of lemon meringue icecream...

I did a lot of thinking about those lemons. But none of them was quite right. What to do with you my bowl of tarty yellow fruit?

Gourmet Traveller stepped in. Another winning recipe that really is very easy. The hardest part was squeezing the lemons, which was in no way tricky at all. Love a recipe that is just tasty and simple…and lemony of course.

Lemon and Olive Oil Cake

lemon and olive oil cake


21 thoughts on “lemon and olive oil cake

  1. I recently purchased a kilo or 2 of organic lemons as our lemon tree is now a very young and so far fruitless one. I preserved them in salt for cooking chicken and other yummy roasts etc with but this cake is looking mighty tempting too.


  2. Lovely! I also have some scrummy lemon olive oil that I could drizzle over the finished cake instead of cream- Yummo!


  3. Sounds like a really simple cake; but oh my what glorious pics Brydie. They look better and more inviting than the ones in the magazine. Simplistic beauty – love this type of cake. And like you I have lemons! Hubby and I took a rare trip to the farm together yesterday and we picked a bucket load of bush lemons. So I have your problem as of this morning. I’ll be making this cake for sure but oh my -lemon meringue ice cream sounds pretty darn good! x


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