custard biscuits

As a kid I was rather attracted to anything with custard in it. My mum’s egg custard using our backyard chook eggs was a firm favourite, along with a coconut custard pie that she would sometimes make. Always offering to ‘wash’ the pot for her, I would scrape out every last tiny spec left on the bottom of the pot. This was the beginnings of building my strong custard foundations.

My sister and I next discovered that custard powder was an easy way to make your own after dinner treat. Just add milk, cook and your away. A lovely bowl of sloppy sweet goodness. (My sister using so much custard powder in there that the spoon would stand straight up in it.)

My grandmother always used to keep ready-made custard in a carton in the fridge, for when ever hungry grand kids came to stay. I’d eat my weight in it for dessert, followed quickly by breakfast over the top of my weetbix, (these sorts of things you can get away with when you bat your eyelashes, and try to look like a hungry waif. Grandma was always keen to feed me up.)

Outside the home, if we ever went to a bakery it would always be a custard tart, or a custard slice (vanilla slice) that I would choose. There was no need to consider anything else as clearly custard reigned supreme in the bakery choices.

These days my custard consuming as been curtailed a little. The palate is a little more picky and the metabolism a little more sluggish than my frantic teenage appetite for all things custard. Although I did recently introduce Little Monkey to a beautifully delicate French patisserie custard slice. He was keen. As he elbowed his way through to the last portion that I had stupidly been slower to eat.Β Looks like the little fella might be following in similar custardy footprints.

Custard Biscuits

Cream together

200gms softened butter

100gms (1/2 cup) caster sugar

then add

70gms (1/2 cup) custard powder

225gms (1 1/2 cups) plain flour

1 tps vanilla essence

mix together, and shape

I used a piping bag to shape these, or you could easily roll them into balls and squish them down as well. Bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes, or until a light golden colour.


51 thoughts on “custard biscuits

      • Tried it last night. So simple. Tasted very eggy. Like what you would have on a bread and butter pudding. I liked it but would put a little more sugar. I didn’t have my kitchen scales so might have been way off anyway. I would certainly try it again.
        : )


  1. Sounds delicious – there is nothing like some warm custard over a pudding – though I have only ever made it from powder – that stuff is magic – I love how you pipe these – they look so attractive


  2. Not sure I went quite as wild with custard as you did, but it did feature quite a lot when I was growing up. Your biscuits look so elegant – I really must master this piping bag thing.


  3. these look great. they would be lovely with a cup of tea. the recipe seems very similar to a shortbread. I’d love to see what custard powder would do to the flavour. thank you for the recipe.


  4. I’ve never heard of custard powder either. I’m assuming it is like a pudding mix? Maybe not.
    The cookies look delectable- I think I’d like them half dipped in a dreamy dark chocolate- but I like everything dipped in dark chocolate. πŸ™‚


    • Citysister, Heidi, Shayray- My USA ladies, Do you have custard in the US at all then? I’m wondering whether it’s a British thing that has carried over?…. Custard powder is basically just cornflour, with some vanilla, sugar, colour added. You add milk and it turns into a smooth sloppy thing. So adding it to the cookie gives it the custardy taste but without the sloppy.


  5. You can never go wrong with a shortbread biscuit…and the added custard powder is always a winner! These look great and show off your skills in piping…Perfetto! x


  6. My teens are very keen on custard, frequently coming home with a pack of the ready made stuff from the supermarket fridge. I prefer the home made variety, but am not above cheating with the shop stuff when time/motivation is short. πŸ˜‰


  7. I love how you composed these biscuits to come up some stunning photos. I think I just learnt something. Only minutes ago I was trying to take photos of a cake sitting on a rack, a bit like your bikkies I suppose, and I just couldn’t seem to get it right. There is definitely such a thing as a photographic eye and Im afraid I haven’t got it. Nicely done.


    • Ahh the photographic eye…. sometimes it’s there no problem, and other times, the lighting will be terrible, a Monkey is trying to drag my pants down, everyone is hungry and it’s just not working at all. You do some gorgeous photos Mariana I don’t doubt your cake pics for a second!


  8. I do love a bit of custard! I never understood people who thought that you ‘needed’ something to put the custard over – I don’t get it, Custard is a perfectly acceptable dessert in it’s own right!

    Your bickies look scrummy!! πŸ™‚


  9. We had to stop keeping custard or making it in any form as it never lasted overnight with Kris…, he was one custard fiend. And somehow I’d sort of forgotten about its tempting little tastes. Love that you’ve piped these, they look awesome πŸ™‚


  10. As you know I couldn’t refrain from ripping into my offerings of these the minute I stepped into my car, and that was despite the fact I was off somewhere else for dinner. Suffice to say that a quick succession of four of these in a row left me happy and satisfied, but my mother less than impressed by my diminished appetite!


  11. Oooh, yum! I love custard too, haven’t had any for far too long. The biscuits look fab – I love piping dough like that – it’s so satisfying isn’t it!


  12. Is it bad that I still discreetly call vanilla slices ‘snot blocks’? Not that that makes ’em irresistable. I suspect that recipe would bring out all kinds of can’t-hold-back evil…


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  14. Love what those monkeys are wearing! I always feel a tad sad when I see little girls dressed up in costumes in the street, like fairy costumes, they aren’t using their imagination like the monkeys. I have no custard powder but it looks like I’ll be picking up some on the way back from the greengrocer.


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