a hot King’s crown

felt crown- cityhippyfarmgirl

felt crown- cityhippyfarmgirl

felt crown- cityhippyfarmgirl

It’s been hot here lately, really hot.

Tuesday got up to 43C, (that’s around 110 farenheit I think). Tuesday night 9.45pm, I was bringing the washing in and it was still 36C. With a not so lovely straight from an oven hot dry wind to add to it. During the day, with the blinds drawn, the kids playing in a cool water bath, my head turns to thoughts of- why oh why does this country not build better insulated houses? Insulation, double glazing… that’s what I was thinking about sitting on the floor of my bathroom. A country filled with well insulated houses and not an air conditioner to be seen…imagine that.

On hot days like this, going outside wasn’t particularly appealing so I needed an indoor activity that would keep The Monkeys interested. Monkey Boy had been asking me all about Kings and Queens that morning so a crown seemed like a good project.

Will you make me one Mama?

Your Majesty…it would be an honour.

Scrap felt and buttons from my stash, made two crowns. One for The King and the other for his brother the young Prince.

felt crown- cityhippyfarmgirl

23 thoughts on “a hot King’s crown

  1. Hey could you send some of that heat here? It’s 19 (f) degrees and our furnace died…we spent the night keeping water going so the pipes wouldn’t freeze…the crowns look great…now for a sword!


  2. It was such a hot day and the worst of it was we didn’t get the usual cool change in the evening. It must have been so difficult for you keeping three children entertained and cool all day long in your home. Amazing how you were able to make the crowns! I have no craft supplies at all and would have had to have made mine out of newspaper! xx


  3. I’m so impressed with those crowns! I would have loved one of those when I was the monkeys’ ages. I do hope that heat lets up a bit. Oppressive heat is just no good unless it’s contained in your oven!


  4. I did feel for Sydney earlier in the week. And I too wish we built better houses. More places than not have air conditioning in WA and it is starting to feel essential, which I hate (we have a reverse cycle unit in our bedroom). It’s a terrible, vicious cycle with global warming! Insulation and double glazing and trees would be so much better, but when it’s 43’C I desperately want air conditioning nonetheless…plays on my conscious, I can tell you.

    I hope you keep cool this weekend, and this crown is gorgeous 🙂


  5. Very cute indeed! We have a huge suitcase of dress ups that have provided many hours of fun and imagination 🙂
    Hasn’t it been HOT!


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