land of the clear blue waters…and markets, so many markets



Byron Bay. Land of the clear blue waters, green rolling hills, steady stream of campervans, surfboards, sandy thonged toes (flip flops US readers, flip flops!) and markets…lots and lots of wonderful markets.

Farmers markets, artisan designer markets, Christmas markets, and just well…markets. They are all there. Not just within Byron Bay, but also in the surrounding townships. All really worth a visit, as I am yet to find one I didn’t like.

Seeing such thriving popular markets makes me really happy. Local food fare seems so very easy and accessible to get in this area. Small local businesses are supported, local farmers are embraced, little ideas get run with, getting a chance to grow, and amazing food really is everywhere. Spending time up in this area was a lovely gentle reminder of why I think shopping like this is important. If it can so easily be done in a smaller community, why does it seem so hard living like this in a big city?

vegan black forest cake

Mulumbimby saw my first raw vegan Black Forest Cake. Just quietly, I’m usually a little hesitant with vegan dessert options, (cardboard, stodgy and tasteless are words that usually spring to mind,) but this was delicious and I stand so very corrected. I don’t think I could ever be a long term raw vegan but I’m definitely going to explore those two eating avenues a little further.

Alive Granola (raw, vegan, dairy, gluten and sugar free) was another delicious vegany find. I’m hooked on this stuff thanks to my friend who introduced me to it. I’m going to have to recreate it somehow now,  as my stash now has dwindled.



I also finally tried a chocolate pudding fruit, black sapote. Does it look like chocolate pudding inside? Yes, it most certainly does, and unfortunately I don’t have a picture to prove it. (Have a look here if you are interested though.) I really can’t compare this taste to anything I have had before. Funnily enough I could certainly see it being used in raw sugar free vegan desserts, it would be absolutely perfect for it.

The Byron Markets also have the famous organic, dark chocolate doughnuts. Worthy of a long drive? You betcha. All doughnuts were definitely not created equal, and these superb little creatures live high on the mountain of ‘BEST DOUGHNUTS EVER’.


DSC_0132 copy

Chai being my tea of drink these days, I knew before going up there that a few of my favourite tea companies were located in that general area. Well I was in for a treat, as I found more, and also found a new favourite. I’m picky with my chai. It can’t have liquorice root in it, and I would prefer to be able to see the spices in it, not all ground up to a dark fine powder. This one was perfect. Gives me a lovely little kick start first thing in the morning.

Handmade goodies are also a big highlight in this area. We picked up one of these sweet little softie dolls for a certain little ones first birthday next month (oh eek, nearly a whole year!) I could have bought a whole heap of them as I really couldn’t decide.

Then just like that, our time up in Byron came to a close. Land of the clear blue waters, green rolling hills and surfboards was feeling all too brief. Promises of we’ll be back soon, promises of return to pristine beaches, and promises of coming back to visit all those markets.

Mulumbimby Farmers Markets

Byron Bay Farmers Markets

Bangalow Farmers Markets

Byron Bay Regional Markets

42 thoughts on “land of the clear blue waters…and markets, so many markets

  1. Looks wonderful Brydie. I must get over there one day. Now I am feeling all kinds of hungry after your vivid descriptions of food and must go scrounge something from my makeshift kitchen (we have a new one going in this week, so we are camping out in our house) Happy new year! x


  2. Oh, wonderful! Michael goes on and on about how much better the food is in Australia. So much fresher and just better, in general. I’m asking myself why we don’t move to Sidney.. Perhaps one day we will.


  3. I love buying fresh produce straight from the growers or artisan suppliers, you know you’re getting top quality as fresh as possible 🙂
    You sound like you had an amazing time indeed.
    Black sapote is certainly an intriguing fruit isn’t it? I love the texture. My sister and I were actually sipping away on black sapote liquor last night after dinner- delicious!


  4. Loved your story about the Byron markets. I live in Byron and when I am next at the markets I will get the contact details of the lady who makes the dolls and let you know.


  5. Oh Brydie it looks wonderful. I used to be of the same mind re vegan dessert options until I tried a particular chocolate cake recipe. I’ll dig out the recipe and post about it in the next week or two.


  6. Ah, fond memories….thank you! 🙂
    Yes, the lifestyle there is extremely relaxed and much healthier, apart from the climate just adding to the overall feeling of goodness and aliveness. A hint, especially for women, the vegan diet lacks certain nutritional elements that are vital to women to remain healthy and hence I wouldn’t be on it for too long; it’s good as a cleansing diet for a short time.


  7. My local market is nothing like the Sydney markets. Sadly I don’t think it has the number of visitors to support a great variety of stalls. However, with local fruit and vegetables, meat and fish it has most things that I need even if it doesn’t have a lot of choice.


  8. Our black sapote tree only gives us a small crop because its in a poor spot tucked behind the rainwater tank. Black sapote’s closest relative is the persimmon – so it has to be eaten really ripe. I’ve never been convinced that the whole ‘black pudding’ thing is just simply because of its dark, rich colour and not to do with the flavour at all. I think the colour is fooling our tastebuds.


  9. chocolate pudding fruit sounds like something from a storybook – how intriguing! raw black forest cake also sounds good – you’ve sold that one to me as I am a bit wary of raw dessert too! and the chocolate doughtnut sounds like a reason for a long drive


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