who knew little diggers could do the 'Hokey Pokey' and turn around



for the boy who has handled being flat on his back attached to a bed, in pain. not able to move, and now with a body cast.


to the boy who still wanted to play hide and seek despite these restrictions. Making me laugh so hard when it was his turn to hide.

Feeling lucky

for living somewhere that is so very close to a Children’s Hospital. Not having to travel hours

and hours to get there as some parents  have to, and that his little leg will heal.


for the family and friends who have helped out with entertainment, food and logistical problems of the last week. Thank you.


for sushi, mobile phones, hospital arm chairs to sleep beside little people beds, dark almond chocolate, loving big brothers, accessible pain relief and healthy takeaway.


Now to get through the next 6 weeks with as much love and patience as we can give to our unmoving hip spica plaster cast 2 year old little boy.


* Things might be a little quiet around here for awhile. I’ve got a few draft posts that I will pop up, and I will still be reading a little bit, but comments might be few. Thanks everyone for your concern and kind words though. XX

sounds better singing twinkle twinkle little star at home

double hip spica that starts just below the under arms going down both legs to the ankles

29 thoughts on “home

  1. My thoughts are with you and the family. Poor little Monkey, will make for some memorable 18th & 21st stories and pictures though I’m sure!


  2. Aw bless…thinking of you all. I have a very active little 2 year old myself who broke his nose and had stitches last yearwhen he was only one…would be very hard to have him in a full on cast! Huge hugs and I hope he recovers quickly.


  3. It is amazing how resilient they are. Thank goodness he will be OK. Hopefully the time will pass fairly quickly for you – and him.


  4. Wow.., your gratitude’s make me feel a little humble. Good on you girl…., you Moms do amazing things, Little Monkey is a lucky kid methinks. Glad all is on the mend, take it easy 🙂


  5. That little man is so resillient, but I suspect you provide an amazing model of fortitude and grace. He looks and sounds in remarkable spirits given the past week, and I hope the next six and more pass uneventfully and with much healing.

    And I know you’re all about the detail but how you’ve managed to colour coordinate his shirt and cast to the sheets and books, I’ll never know…



  6. What a cheerful little man! I love the hide and seek- was it hard to find him? LOL!
    You have a cheerful mind set yourself that gives him a good example to follow, I’m sure.
    I was in a full body cast for several months at a young age, and I remember loving paper products- sticky strips that could be wetted and stuck together.
    Check out the toymaker’s journal for some great paper toys to put together- blue birds right now- I believe.


  7. Oh honey I am so sorry for you and your little man.
    I wish for everything and anything that makes time pass quickly and for broken bones to mend and for you all to be out of this horrible situation asap. Huge love. XX


  8. Good luck, Brydie – I’ll be thinking of you. I will be sending hopes that the weather won’t be too hot for him and that you will have plenty of help at hand.


  9. good luck – our little 2 year old just wants to move about so much that I imagine the cast is a real challenge but I hope he enjoys some space for stories and songs and will get well soon


  10. I do like your list of things for which you are grateful. It can be easy to wallow in “poor me”, so its very refreshing to see you focus on the bright side and be able to see the good in a not-so-good situation. Great attitude and good luck with getting the little one back on his feet. Literally.


  11. pfttt. wordpress keeps eating my comments all over the place. sent you mucho warmness and besties for such a hard time particularly for for you n the little guy. Muchies. K


  12. Poor little guy. That cast looks pretty dreadful. At least the weather is cooling down – can’t imagine it would be much hot on one of those 40+ days we had a few weeks ago.


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