real life

Real life sometimes gets in the way of blogging.

An accident in a playground.


A trip to Emergency


Broken bone





A different face

A different story


Traction contraption

So tired


We wait

26 thoughts on “real life

  1. Oh the poor darling! I hope he’s on the mend soon – poor little man…sigh. Even kids hospitals are yukky places to be. All the best, hope you get some rest soon Brydie!


  2. That poor little foot. I hope he is better soon. I’m sure you would have prefered that it was you, rather than him.


  3. Oh NO!!!!!! I hope your little monkey is back on his two feet in no time. The Minx broke her leg last year (no traction involved thankfully). It was scary and there definitely was lots of waiting involved. Keep strong Mama x


  4. Poor little guy, it is so hard when they hurt themsleves and you can’t take away their pain. My 2 year-old daughter also broke her leg a year ago (when she was 1 year old) and it was horrible. This sounds worse, with the traction. Keep strong, but it is okay too if you have some tears (I did).


  5. Oh Brydie, I am sorry this has happened and I hope it is all resolved as quickly as possible. I have spent a great deal of time in childrens hospitals and they are not much fun.
    Still, accidents are an unavoidable part of life. I remember my GP telling me years ago, that if you can get a kid to 10 years of age without a broken bone, you are doing very well.
    My kids have all had broken bones now, my son 3 times!!


  6. Speedy recovery for the little monkey…particularly those so sweet little toes. (That traction devise looks almost like a toy, made up of paddle pop sticks. I am sure it looks like an instrument of torture for your little baby though. I guess it needs to be so tiny that paddle pop sticks are about the right size!)


  7. Oh my gawd…, that poor little monkeys toe…. but poor Momma too you must be worried to bitz. A big hug to you both… broken bones are no way to go for Monkeys or their Momma. xx


  8. ouch! Hope he’s feeling a lot better tonight. I spent a few nights in hospital with my daughter when she was two so I hope he’s out soon.


  9. I am praying for a quick recovery for little monkey and for your heart, dear Brydie! The good thing is that little bones heal so much stronger than adult- they are still growing and making all the right bone strengthening nutrients. I’m so sorry for his pain- hope you are prepared with lots of activities he can do from his bed!


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