Not particularly assured when seeing a small slug casually amble out of the kitchen sink after washing spinach for dinner and then using it all in the cooking… Did you have a friend oh slug, did you?…did you?

Reassured to find there wasn’t a whole lot of guilt at all about opening up a friends packet of marzipan chocolate she had given me, propping it up on my chest, while laying down to read awhile, before the afternoon rush… Was rather lovely actually.

Feeling far from assured when listening to someone make comments to you that feel less than polite, to smile awkwardly, walk away and wonder how people can be so rude and thoughtless…

Reassured, when Little Monkey rides his much anticipated first horse and then falls off after it bolts when a kid behind it waves a huge stick, has one minute of a cuddle and then gets back on…. Heart. In. Mouth. (Double. Hip. Spica. Cast!)

Not at all assured the first time I cut into a blood orange when I was a teenager. There was obviously something really wrong with it… Thank I goodness I learnt the ways of the blood orange…Happy blood orange season.

Reassured to find that the Goat Curry I had made was a really big pot full and would feed us for several days, and it was delicious…now, if only The Monkeys thought so.


What have you been reassured by lately?

Goat Curry

In a large pot add

a good slurp of vegetable oil and your spices

2 tsp turmeric

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp coriander

2 tsp brown mustard seeds

1 tsp cardamom

1 large knob of fresh diced ginger

1 large diced onion

Fry until fragrant for a few minutes and then add your goat meat, (I used 2 shanks, as I didn’t want it particularly meaty). Fry until meat is well coated.

Then add 800mls canned tomatoes, and rinse then can out with another 400mls of water. Then add a large diced eggplant, ( or other vegetables). A small handful of kaffir lime leaves. Cover and simmer for about an hour.

Then add 400mls of coconut milk, season to taste and simmer for a further hour or so. Or until meat comes away from the bone, (or if using regular diced meat, until it becomes soft and tender.)

Serve with basmati rice and a dollop of natural yogurt.

25 thoughts on “reassurred…

  1. Arch today I’ve been the chaffeur to miss Bok (6) Non Stop!! Reassured that someone else is cooking dinner tonight!! Off I go again…
    Hope you didn’t fund slug twin?!!


  2. Aren’t those slug moments horrible?! I found a slug inside our (about to be eaten) capsicum once, and was very relieved I didn’t actually cut it in half. Needless to say, we didn’t eat the capsicum and Mr Bite was charged with removing the slug to the garden.

    I’m sure you can guess that your marzipan chocolate / reading combination sounds heavenly to me. I’m glad there was no guilt involved 🙂

    My reassuring moments this week have revolved around discovering that I can get through hectic, long, horrible-ish work days, and be just fine afterwards. It’s rather good to know.


    • I don’t think it is extravagant (?) I know where the goat was farmed, done in an ethical fashion, and $13 for two shanks. (I’m not too sure how much shanks usually are though…)
      Lucky you for getting 4 kids to eat it too, maybe yours can convince mine?


  3. Urgh, I hate little critters crawling out of vegetation I’m about to cook too! The days and weeks have been a struggle lately with piles of work, daily baby routines that feel like groundhog day and now the flu. But reassured when Magus, Rainbow Eyes and I can have a good chuckle about nothing in particular and know that these difficult times will soon pass!


  4. I’ve gotten better with the slugs in the garden veg, although I’m still not happy when I find them. And I’m feeling quite reassured just looking at that pot of curry! 🙂


  5. Oh is it blood orange season? I must rush out and get some. I buy them whenever I see them as the kids and I really love them. Sadly a very short season.
    Right at this moment two thin slices of my very nice rye bread, a soft boiled egg, a sliver of wicked cheese and a nice hot coffee are giving a bit of comfort as well as a good start to my day.


  6. Ohhhhh, I want to like goat meat, I really do, I just don’t think I could go there. Maybe it would need to be eaten ‘out’ first and then if all went well, bought and cooked at home *sigh*…..Your pot does look very inviting…..

    Reassured, ok, don’t laugh: Little House on the Prairie. We’ve all been watching it on cold afternoons and it reassures me that life is good, people are good, hard work is good and corny endings are good. Wholesome family viewing at it’s best, lol!


    • I must admit, it would be a little harder when you have cute little goats wandering about….but. Let me plead it’s case. I don’t actually like a whole lot of meat. Lamb tastes…lamby, porky stuff is ok sometimes, beef once in a blue moon. Goat, it’s not overly meaty tastey, it’s pretty lean, and I can easily source where it comes from. Saying that, I don’t think it had been eaten since last year- but I think I’m a fan 🙂
      If you feel like a road trip, I’ll make you some!

      Now as for Little house on the Prairie, you do what you need to do to get through those cold afternoons…and if it sparks an interest in bonnets and ankle length dresses for your tweens- I say it’s win win 🙂


  7. I find being back home reassuring. We’ve had a wandery type of holidays so far, and I am surprised to find the house I was so looking forward to leaving behind, is actually somewhere I have really missed!
    We found catepillars in our broccoli last week, I tried to sell it to the children as some extra protein!


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