little brothers

Little brothers are for


laughing with

talking to

wrapping up in boxes

sending boxes to

having long phone coversations with

asking for help in sticky situations



and most of all…

loving them

because they’re not afraid of anything

and that’s your brother


I’m lucky enough to have my own little brothers, and for my boys to be little brothers.

17 thoughts on “little brothers

  1. I had 3 older brothers- two still living and I treasure them. Is the last photo a picture of your little brother?
    My oldest son was always and still is actually- very happy to have a little brother. He always felt like it was a big responsibility to set a good example. I love your pictures- and the packaging of brothers and play that was going on.
    Great post- thanks for the peek into their lives!


  2. I have a little (6ft2!) brother and I’m sure I appreciate him now more than I did when I was a little girl…

    I love your first pic – gorgeous!


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