Apple and Oat Bread

I quite like the process of trying to work out what to put in a new bread every few weeks.

There are the regulars of course, like a well worn pair of slippers that I know how to just slip on. Making it is straight forward, I can easily do it with out that much thought behind it, and I know for the most part how it’s going to taste (sourdough does like to keep me on my toes a little though.) When I’m fiddling with different flavours though, I like the balancing act, the unknown factor…

It’s a bit like ordering from a menu in a foreign language. You think you get the idea of what it will taste like, and what it is that you might be ordering but there is always that element of surprise just waiting to be brought to the table.

Now in the past, I had played with using fresh apples a few times. I had cooked them beforehand, thinly sliced them, made them into chunks, grated them, but I think I’ve decided I like finely diced the most. You still get the apple-y taste, without it getting soggy and overly all apple. Grating the apple, while I like the moistness it gives to the loaf, I do find by doing this it loses the flavour a bit. So diced it was for this one, add some soaked oats, a little spice and we are away…

Β Apple and Oat Bread

200g starter

100g finely diced apple

425g bakers flour

100g whole oats

50mls hot water

200mls water

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp coriander

1 tsp salt

Soak oats in the hot water until they plump up. Add all ingredients except salt. Mix well, let if it rest for about 40 minutes, add the salt mix again.

Proof for awhile, quick knead, proof, shape, proof. Bake at 240C with steam.

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37 thoughts on “Apple and Oat Bread

  1. Looks lovely! I can smell that gorgeous dark crust from here. Do you find it keeps better with the oats in? Dan always says oats give a lasting quality to the bread. Makes note: make more oat bread…. πŸ™‚


    • It does Joanna. I find when ever I put oats in, it really does give a lasting moistness. It never lasts a whole week, (not eating it that is) but I’m sure it would be fine. Today I think was Day 5, and not a hint of being stale.


  2. this does look quite fine! I love apples where ever I find them.
    I’m going to follow your lead and make some bread with apples, and applesauce and walnuts and oats. I like the extra flavor apple sauce adds- and them I think I will smear apple butter on top and ear it for tea- tomorrow- I have to finish the scones first!


  3. I like the structure of your formula – looks very balanced. I’ll try it – and the only change I know I’ll make is that I’ll use it to use up some of the overload of dried apples I’ve got in the pantry.

    Nice job with this one.


  4. That is one cracking loaf! I’m having a love affair with apples too, including a trial of diced apples with walnut and pecan loaf – tasted good, but didn’t look as ‘pro’ as yours!


  5. Looking delicious! I really want to try fresh apple in bread, I’ve only tried dried, which was good for a fruit loaf but did not introduce any moisture, duh! Interesting to get your appl-ey perspective. This apple bread of yours would be my 10pm toasting snack! πŸ˜‰


  6. Superb. I love your bread experiments and adding fresh apple sounds such a brilliant one. What with all the talk of scones at the moment and now your apple bread, I’m in the mood for apple scones πŸ™‚


  7. Absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait to try this! Do you happen to know the hydration % of your starter? I have one at 200% hydration and one at 76% hydration, each can easily be fed up or down to a specific ratio.

    Again, beautiful!


  8. I love the idea of adding fresh apple to a bread in little chunks rather than grating. I bet this had a lovely complex flavour with the sourdough there too. I like adding oats to bread, I don’t really know whether it makes them last longer as I freeze all my bread, but I’ll take your word for it.

    Beautiful loaf too!


  9. I love the dark crust on this bread. I have found apple challenging to put in cakes – often comes out differently depending on the recipe but never tried it in bread – yet I can see the appeal and have even considered it before.


  10. I love the flavour of apple. I’d seen the apple and oat bread in my Bourke St Bakery book and it is definitely on my list to try. So many combinations and not enough time!


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