turning that week upside down

ย Tired tears and tantrums, not just The Monkeys.

Have to turn this week around…. turn it upside down.

Find the giggles, the chuckles, the smiles again.

Find that bubble of inspiration…


Buy green stripy tomatoes from farmers markets.

Make a mermaid bread.

Hear Little Monkey run up the hall way…he ran.

Find op-shop sunglasses that scream Eurovision.

Watch planets align themselves at 5am skies.

Crochet in park while The Monkeys deal with swashbuckling pirates, crocodiles and marooned mamas on islands of balls of wool.

…week happily turned upside down.

22 thoughts on “turning that week upside down

  1. So good to hear you turning your week upside down! Love the pics, especially the bread mermaid, and so glad to hear Little Monkey is running up the hall again!


  2. He <ran!

    What news!

    Please package up the contents of this post in brown paper and tie up with string because these are ALL of my favourite things!!

    So glad your week flip-flopped for the better ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. All the little things count, and so glad you turned your week around, I can hear those giggles.! What a wonderful mermaid bread, would make anyone happy! x


    • I used an olive oil bread dough for this one. It’s really versatile in what ever shape I put it into, it seems happy to be there, (which makes things much easier!) So no adjusting to the little mermaid. If I had used sourdough however, I’m sure I would have fiddling the whole time.


  4. That mermaid bread is a true work of art – I am so impressed! That would be a great thing for a party (kids or adults!).
    I love your attitude as well – determined to turn your week around rather than just wallowing in misery (as I would be more inclined to do…that or snap at people). Good on ‘ya!


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