Getting the balance right… in Bellingen

Dorrigo || cityhippyfarmgirl

Time to be creative, in making, in music, in words and in play.

Time to talk, time to think, time to just be.

Tell me, why does it seem so damn tricky to find this beautiful balance on a regular basis?

How do you balance it? The creative time, the music making, the thinking, and the play time? Is it a juggle? Does it only ever happen on holidays? Is it even a priority? I’m curious…


Some time in the last week was spent in the beautiful township and surrounding area of Bellingen. I don’t do reviews on this blog, but I do, ‘do’ experiences, and for this place? Five, crystal clear illuminating stars. A stunningly beautiful part of the world, that I’m dead keen on getting back to.

The Hyde || cityhippyfarmgirl