Getting the balance right… in Bellingen

Dorrigo || cityhippyfarmgirl

Time to be creative, in making, in music, in words and in play.

Time to talk, time to think, time to just be.

Tell me, why does it seem so damn tricky to find this beautiful balance on a regular basis?

How do you balance it? The creative time, the music making, the thinking, and the play time? Is it a juggle? Does it only ever happen on holidays? Is it even a priority? I’m curious…


Some time in the last week was spent in the beautiful township and surrounding area of Bellingen. I don’t do reviews on this blog, but I do, ‘do’ experiences, and for this place? Five, crystal clear illuminating stars. A stunningly beautiful part of the world, that I’m dead keen on getting back to.

The Hyde || cityhippyfarmgirl

32 thoughts on “Getting the balance right… in Bellingen

  1. You were in Bellingen this week? Me too :). I live in the next valley down, but it is my dearest wish to live there. It will happen :). Did you go to the music festival?


      • Oh so close Sara! Yes, clever lady, it is indeed Promised Land, we stayed in a gorgeous cabin there…stunning, it really was promised land. The cafe was The Hyde I think it was called, although I did call in on Hearthfire as all sourdough nerds should.

        Didn’t get to any of the music, so close, yet not quite. I would have dearly loved to have seen Ash Grunwald, he would have rocked the roof off I’m sure. Too late in the day and with kiddos in tow, it wasnt to be though. Next time…next time!


      • It is my heartland for sure. I didn’t see Ash this time, but I have seen him before. The music was sublime, but I was kid-less 🙂


  2. How wonderful Brydie. Such a calming post…actually all of your posts have that effect on me.

    The balance is very hard to achieve. I find myself poking those little bits of play/creativity/thinking/reading time in amongst a million other things . I am not really sure if this works or not!? To have large chunks of this time is so hard to achieve, especially at home where the list of things to do seems never ending. If you find the magic solution please share! x


    • I’m looking for that magic solution Jane, but I suspect it might only be found in holidays…and what a drag that is. I’ll keep looking though.
      Thanks for the kind words too, I really appreciate it lovely. x


  3. Lovely photos Brydie. I do a little bit of knitting every night, even if it means I leave the dishes. It is a little bit of time just for me. Other than that, there’s no balance here. I can’t seem to find it and some people believe it doesn’t exist. I’m tending to agree with them these days after years of searching. Lately I’ve been wanting more time to knit, read and relax and I got it, I’ve got the flu. When I get up and try to do something I feel so tired and it’s such a huge effort. Anyway, I’ll be better soon. It’s made me realise you’ve got to be careful what you wish for. I’m actually missing having the energy to cook and clean. Cooking is one thing, but cleaning??? I must be sick. Hope you are all well. xo


    • Besides hating the the smell of patchouli, the hippy part is alive and well…and was very happy in hippy hinterland I have to say. Take a road trip Rose, it’s worth it for the salted caramel walnut thingy pictured alone 🙂


  4. How funny, our extended family just spent a week together at my parents’ place near Macksville, and my brother and sister in law spent a couple of days in Bellingen and were at the music festival last weekend 🙂
    It’s such a lovely little town and area…


      • They did, and would probably have liked to stay longer but the family commitments dragged them back to Mum and Dad’s…
        My SIL also mentioned the new little brewery – very nice beer being produced apparently 🙂


  5. I dont think balance exists. I just try to think about what is a priority. If I make it a priority then i can make time for it.
    Beautiful pictures. Looks amazing.


    • It’s a pretty magical party of the world Turid. I’ve been in a lot of national parks and rainforests over the years, but the one pictured up top, in Dorrigo, about half an hours drive away is amazing. If a dinosaur stepped out I probably wouldn’t be surprised.


  6. I think the removal from “the things that stress” is part of what makes holidays as amazing as they are in our memories. They shine so much brighter for the lack of the banal. Lovely spot 🙂


  7. I stayed in Belligen on a breathtaking property for an Ethnobotanical Seminar workshop weekend, catered with delicious vegetarian food. Obviously before kids! This is going on our holiday wishlist Brydie. I much prefer your trail of family, cafe’s, sweets and good coffee. Gorgeous little one with the bird nest btw and the waterfall!


    • Stick it on your list Zena. And stick it high. For kids it was magical (and adults). The tv wasn’t turned on once, not because I was being militant, they simply forgot and had so many other things to do.
      This is the place we stayed at…looked just as lovely as the pictures show.

      Promised Land Retreat


  8. Balance? Just can’t seem to attain it lately. Even found the school holidays a struggle this time around, as we had a bit of work on. So much juggling. Sometimes small snippets of loveliness make up for everything though. Ended my (rather stressful) day with a giant cuddle on the couch with my boys tonight 🙂 Feeling grand now.
    Am finding it nice to just relax and read blogs lately, rather than write. Monday night is my usual post writing night, but I’m sitting with a cuppa pouring over blogs instead and it’s just lovely! Yours has transported me tonight Brydie, as it always does.
    Your photos!! The field with horses and mist, the lovely nest and that caramel walnut sensation! Phwoar girl! They’re just beautiful. Have bookmarked The Promised land Retreat. Would love to head north again one day…


    • No apologies needed dear Saskia. I’ve just done a post that’s all about me, the comments are up to you guys, I want to hear what’s happening in your world! It’s a conversation right 🙂
      Definitely keep the Promised Land Retreat bookmarked, it’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Blogs can transport you at times, but so do places and that place certainly does. Head north lady!

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  9. I’ve had a couple of holidays in Bellingen and I find it a very relaxing and therapeutic place to be. It’s so easy to unwind and throw off the stresses of city living. I’m glad you and your family had some time away in Bellingen xx


  10. Delightful Brydie! I struggle to find balance in my world, especially during the winter, sunshine really assists in me feeling normal and okay with life. Good you and the fam were able to take some time out, Bellingen looks wonderful. 🙂


  11. I’m a bit embarrassed to ask, but where is Bellingen? Is it somewhere in Tasmania? It looks beautiful…I love that photo of your legs and the river. Beautiful light x


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