Sausage Rolls (hipster certified)

kale sausage rolls || cityhippyfarmgirl

Beards, hats, cold brew coffee, braces, man buns, green smoothies and scarves. If you’ve begun to conjure up images of well-groomed hipster types with intriguing arm tatts, waxed to a curl moustaches and retro print head scarves well I’ve done my job, because I’m talking about hipsters and sausage rolls today.

So would a hipster approve of these particular sausage rolls?

Well they have a secret ingredient within them, and that secret ingredient is hipster certified….it’s kale. And as we all know hipsters eat kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner right? (As luck would have it these sausage rolls can be eaten at any meal time.)

kale sausage rolls || cityhippyfarmgirl

Hipster Certified Sausage Rolls

one bunch of curly kale (stripped from the stalk and roughly chopped)

2 small eggplants, diced

500g of organic beef mince

1 cup of sourdough bread crumbs

1 free range egg

1 knob of butter

a good slurp of olive oil

1 TSP cumin

salt and pepper to taste

puff pastry

In a pot add curly kale and diced eggplant. Add a good slurp of olive oil, cumin and butter, wilting the vegetables down. Once this is done, take them off the heat and with a hand held mixer, blitz them (or blender.) In a bowl add remaining ingredients and add cooled kale and eggplant.

If you are making your own puff pastry, line that goodness down and add your mixture in rows. If you are using the frozen stuff (because life is full and doesn’t involve making puff pastry, then thaw it out and have an extra cup of coffee in the time you’ve just saved -single origin fair trade cold brew coffee of course.

Spoon the mixture on, fold ’em up, cut them and bake on a tray at 200C for approximately 25 minutes. They should look golden, and be tantalising the taste buds.

Eat with enthusiasm, and some delicious farmers market bought chutney.


28 thoughts on “Sausage Rolls (hipster certified)

  1. This is funny Brydie…spoken like a true hipster! Your photos look so tempting and delicious as always.

    Do you know what else is funny? I made sausage rolls involving kale for our Flour and Fire Day on Sunday. Chickpea and kale sausage rolls in fact with chickpeas that I grew in my garden last summer and home grown kale. Not that I am bragging, but I was quietly happy with this little achievement! I hope you are having a lovely week x


  2. Definitely giving these a go Brydie. I sneak lentils and carrot into mine usually, but love your idea of a burst of greenery. They look like they’d be good cold in lunchboxes too… getting prepared for back-to-school next week. Yikes!
    Both my boys are fascinated with hipster culture. We were served waffles recently with disposable timber forks. My eldest said at the top of his voice “Look mum, hipster cutlery”.


  3. Definitely hipster approved with the addition of kale (and the sourdough breadcrumbs). Might run a batch of them past my Stevie-boy and see if they can’t curl his moustache ;). Cheers for the share Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. You dun good πŸ™‚


  4. Oh my I can smell these from here! Yumm. I need a GF version – but then I could just munch on the inners with great joy. I love the ‘Hipser’ criteria too – is it comulsary to folow the Sausage rolls with a skinny latte? or a Cider or boutique beer?


  5. I thought I’d lost my hipster cred since my heydays were in the ’90s but my kale usage states otherwise. Yes! Oh I’ve never used eggplant in a sausage rolls before and with cumin, perfect match. My next bake for sure! I made a big fresh batch with organic mince and vegies and whatever herbs I could pinch from my winter frostbit garden and froze them for the holidays to take out and bake at a whims notice.


    • Excellent Beck. Thanks for letting me know. Hipster approved along with husband and kid approved πŸ™‚ They are good for hiding stuff in!
      As for the bread crumbs, I used fresh but I reckon either would be absolutely fine.


      • I used my own dried sourdough crumbs, and didn’t squeeze the kale at all so the moisture could be absorbed by the crumbs, but would probably reduce the amount a little if using dried again next time as it obviously ended up being a bit more when reconstituted…


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