the lost art of stillness

Distractions and screens,

noise on noise…on noise.

The whir,

both from myself and the world around.

The rumble of traffic,

lists within lists.


Stepping off.

Finding the ground again,

a grassy ground.

Remembering to breathe.

Feeling. Seeing. Quiet mind

steady thoughts

the lost art of stillness


Some quiet time away is planned, with attached sketchy internet, (as much as I love you internet, this may well encourage some added stillness.)

11 thoughts on “the lost art of stillness

  1. Wrestling with the internet and how it appears to be directly life here on Serendipity Farm as well. Thinking about an hiatus into the wild myself and some self imposed quietude and stillness. Go forth comrade and beat the trail for us! 🙂


  2. I do hope your break is restful and peaceful and everything you want it to be. Forced time away from the internet is awful, but often the VERY thing we need to completely switch off from life.
    Happy week ahead to you lovely one. Stay warm. xox


  3. very significant words – thank you. Having just spent the weekend in the bush, I feel quite lucky to have had time out. not enough, but lovey. I wish you a special break.


  4. This means no one is sick and everyone is healthy and happy. Yay! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to the pics. Rob and I are thinking of renting a house for a month, in Newtown next year, to show our kids a bit of inner city culture.


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