living off grid for $80 a week


A little something to get deliciously inspired by on a Thursday.

Jill Redwood, writer for Earth Garden Magazine lives on about $80 a week, totally off grid with over 60 animals to keep her company…she also leaves my wood chopping skills to shame.


18 thoughts on “living off grid for $80 a week

  1. She definitely is inspiring. That would be a very satisfying way to live. I guess if you want hot water, you’d better get bloody good at swinging that axe! Love how she only needs to buy vegemite and chocolate. Her garden looks gorgeous! xx


  2. Oh yes! I love this film! I remember sharing it on one of my Conscious Living lists last year and revisit it often. So incredibly inspiring! I love her use of solar and water especially and that little house is just the sweetest! xx


  3. Scrumptious Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl! What a delightful share. At 5am on a Friday just before I have to head back into the “madding crowd” next week after 3 weeks school holidays this was a delightful reminder that we have choices and that those choices, when made with thought, can deliver outcomes that are above and beyond FAR in excess of our hopes and dreams :). All I can say is “ONYA JILL!” 🙂


  4. Love that little video so much. I don’t want to be her, but I admire her staunchness so much. Her integrity and clarity just shines through everything she does. I want to be like THAT. Also, that water wheel. Genius.


  5. Jill is so inspiring and a great example of conscious living. Lots to learn from here. I was so intrigued by the water wheel too. I could quite happily live like Jill. Look forward to the next issue of Earth Garden magazine.


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