in my kitchen

In my kitchen sits a beautiful gifted hand made bowl, with tahini balls in it. Without these little balls of energy, well…I’d be a lot less energetic. This is the recipe I gave originally, but they really are so super-duper easy to cater to your own taste buds and using whatever’s on hand in your own kitchen. (These had added dried dates and LSA in them.)

Oh radish, talk to me… tell me your dinner plans. Tell me what else to do with you besides chopping you up in a salad, or up top of a stir fry for a bit of crunch. Speaakkkk to me radishes.

In my kitchen sits this little timer, and without it I would say 90% of my baking would be burnt. It’s still not a sure thing of not burning everything in the oven, ( but it helps.

Pink and quite tarty, (the drink that is.) I bought this, as really who could resist it with a label like that. She was quite delicious tasting in a bitter, sarsaparilla kind of way. Now I’m just not sure what to do with the bottle.

On my kitchen floor sits my little giggling helper. Arms and legs are flying. She likes to smell things as I cook with them, taking her job very seriously, and is currently rather taken by the smell flat leaf parsley. (Although I did catch her eyeing off my chocolate yesterday. She looked keen…very keen.)

As for what type of mixer will be sitting on top of my kitchen bench? Still not sure but thank you so much for everyone’s input with what they use and like. Invaluable help. So thank you, you’re all awesome.

Now what’s shaking in your kitchen?

(“In my kitchen”… is a jump in and show us around monthly link up done by the lovely Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.)