A distracting sandwich

The sandwich was distracting me.

I was supposed to be submitting things, sorting things, tidying things. All things related to the computer and to be honest, it wasn’t holding my interest quite as it should have.

The sandwich to my right however, was another story.

My whole-hearted attention belonged to two slices of bread and an assortment of delicious fillings within it. This dear ones, was a very special sandwich.

Truly, truly this was a kick arse sanga. Two pieces of dark rye sourdough with just the right amount of chew, Gouda cheese sliced thinly over and over to form a wall of delicate cheese. Prosciutto also sliced thinly due to its strong salty taste, meaning more of tasty hint, rather than a starring role. (There was to be no starring roles here, it was all about entwined flavours within the sandwich with no competition of flavours.)

On one side the subtle mayonnaise, creamy with a kick of tartness and just enough to lubricate each mouthful to reach the perfect level of taste bud comfort. The pickle…ahh, the pickle. The pickle really could have been a stand alone star, but here it had been relegated to sit amongst the layered slices. A fat pickle now cut into wedges of which were the perfect length for said sandwich. Not falling out of your sandwich at every bite as some substandard pickles will do.

Add in a forkful or two of locally made kimchi, and there you had it. Some lunch time goodness not usually seen at this level (for various lazy reasons.)

Nothing more, nothing less. The inside workings of a sandwich like this, are often those ingredients forgotten to backs of fridges, relegated to the condiment list, or perhaps hastily slapped together in methods that didn’t allow for the sandwich song to be heard. Not today though, oh no. Sing it did. All the way from the first mouthful, to the very last. Each bite a perfect distracting chew.

I had long since given in.

There was no computer work to be done now. Full attention was going to be given to this wonderous (and easily manipulated in one hand) lunch time goodness. It will was a distracting sandwich.

An assortment of delicious fillings

rye sourdough


gouda cheese





waving goodbye with my fork in the air

A good friend has just moved away. Away to a land of tropical fruits, green rolling hills, yoga with a rising sun, organic road side goodies and visiting pythons.

If there is anywhere to move, that tropical land is a good place to start. A new beginning, a new phase, a new rhythm for their family.

Although, there is a hole in our coffee club now. A rather significant one. There is also a hole in The Monkey Club. Two little blondies that are going to be missed as they find new places to swing, build and create.

Letters to write, pictures to send and promises of visits soon.

Waving goodbye with my fork in the air, as this idea was passed on from her. A little fork, a little prociutto and just a little more please.

See you soon L.


Baker’s Help– My Sunbeam Mixer Professional series has died. Three times this year the same mechanism has conked out. Why? Probably because I’ve given it a huge flogging with mixing sourdough, and to be honest I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. (I hadn’t really thought I might be exceeding the size limit, but alas it seems I have….and it’s been waaaay over!) Kitchen bench space is teeny tiny, and while I can get by with very little kneading for my bread. Just incorporating the salt can be a pain when it’s 3 plus k’s of dough in a 40cmx40cm space with ‘stuff’ on either side.

SO, what I would love to know is…

what kind of kitchen mixer do you have?

Kitchenaid pros/cons? What is it like with small amounts? Say two egg whites?

Kenwood? At the moment I’m looking at a Titanium Major KM020. Could easily change though… This model takes 2.4k of dough where the kitchenaid’s only take 1.3/1.5k. Has anyone used upwards of this on a long term basis?

Any other snippets of mixer information would be very much appreciated!