Potato and Rosemary Sourdough- Frugal Friday

There always seems to be one more loaf of bread to make. If I had the time, and sizeable pants. I would happily be making a different type of bread 7 days a week. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t have that sort of time and my pants aren’t that stretchy. So if I have a bready idea I usually have to sit on it until we are out of bread again or a suitable meal comes up that we can accompany the bread with it.

Frugal Friday seemed like a good accompaniment. A simple salad and a wedge of bread.

Potato and Rosemary Sourdough


3 partially roasted roughly diced potatoes

3 rosemary stems

This little number was a normal white sourdough. The potatoes I had cooked half way through while I had one tray of biscuits in the oven and the second tray being free. Sourdough folded once before popping into the fridge, for an overnight ferment. During the fold,  2/3 of the cooked potato were folded through, leaving aside the remainder 1/3 for the next day. Also adding 1/2 the rosemary roughly chopped again. When it came to shaping time the next morning, rolling out  a short fat snake shape and loosely spiralling round. Lightly pressing in the remaining potato and roughly chopped fresh rosemary. Allow for another prove, approximately 1 hour, a good grind of sea salt all over the top of the dough. Then popping it into the oven at 250C, with steam. Bake until golden and hollow sounding when tapped on the bottom.