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artist as family

photo via Artist As Family

I first heard of Artist As Family on a day that had completely gotten me down in the dumps with well, pretty much everything.  Mass consumption, global environment woes, and a lengthy list of 100 other kinds of thoughts. I certainly had the ‘green blues’ that day.

Then up popped this amazing blog that had me breathing in hope, light and general excitement. I was so delightfully happy I couldn’t help but tell anyone and everyone that crossed my path that day, of this amazing journey this family I had just ‘found’ was embarking on.

In January this year they finished their epic journey riding from Daylesford, Victoria to Cape York, Queensland and back again. Living on mostly free foraged food, they cycled with two kids on the back, the cutest little dog on the front and countless people like me following along online with their story.

Later on in the year their book will come out, and I seriously. Can. Not. Wait.

(I dare you not to be inspired by reading their blog.)

Read here for a tiny snapshot of their amazing journey. “Living on road kill and bush tucker: One family’s epic cycling adventure”- ABC Ballarat

artist as family

Photo via Artist As Family


Here’s a list of a few other people that combine their day to day workings with a rockin’ blog as well. All green tinged, and all inspiring for so many different reasons. Sit down, have a read. You’ll be so glad you did.

Kirsten, Nick and the Milkwood crew- inspiring people with their knowledge sharing and courses that encourage life skills.

Mel from Coal Valley View– watch this space as their amazing farm transforms.

Tricia from Little Eco Footprints– honesty and shared knowledge, that there is a beautiful combination.

James from The Upcyclist– upcycled furniture and tiny houses…all so damn good!

Pip from Meet Me At Mikes– Ethical Fashion pledge…everyone should be doing this. Everyone.


How about you, want to share in the comments a green tinged blog that you love?



“are you some sort of Greenie or something?”


My standard response when buying something in any kind of shop is, “No bag thanks.” I often say it with a slight edge to my voice, as take my eyes off the sales person for a mere second or a distraction from a small child and they are stuffing those goodies straight into that bag of plastic. Far too much enthusiasm round these parts for you to be taking home a little souvenir plastic.

Recently, after buying a few items in a shop I blurted out my standard line and was met with…

“What, are you some sort of Greenie or something?”

I looked around me. Everything seemed to look the same as when I had stepped into the shop, everything still looked very 2013 and yet that comment seemed to come straight from 1983.

I was appalled. Is this how far we had come? That only a Greenie would say no to plastic bag?? I indignantly said yes, yes I was and stomped out. (And for the record the shop in question was also a health food shop….a health food shop!)


So there the comment sat with me, weeks and weeks after. What hope did the planet have if it was still a bloody battle not to get a plastic bag for your purchases? (I had also had another comment in the same week from another salesperson expressing sincere surprise at my lack of plastic enthusiasm as so many of her customers always took multiple bags.)

While my issue with having plastic bags thrust in my hands is small in comparison with all the other environmental issues going on in the world, I can’t help but think it’s still far too easy to put our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening.

Too easy to ignore the fact that these seemingly small steps are someone else’s problem.

Too easy to ignore the fact that we are living with a greedy fossil fuel industry, that’s having gaspingly scary consequences.

Too easy to dismiss what will happen in our future as it’s just so unknown… But is it? Is it so easy to dismiss? This is the sort of thing that keeps me up late at night wondering what the hell sort of future I’m passing on to my children.


This week author and environmentalist activist Bill McKibben is in Australia for his “Do the Math” tour. For tickets, dates and places please see here. More reading on

He will also be appearing on Q and A tonight (if you are in Australia.)

(this movie is set in the United States but has global maths figures that are and will effect all of us.)

the best city bicycle

DSC_0064 copy

I’ve got wheels on my mind at the moment. Two of them actually. I want to get a bike and the whole research into exactly which one to get is BENDING MY MIND.

Having not owned a bicycle for the past twenty years, I’m a little bit out of the loop. I have sweet images of me tra la laaaing along with my basket laden retro looking ladies bicycle.

Ting, ting goes my bell…excuse me, coming by.

I refuse to think about the horror stories that friends keep sharing with me of how unbike friendly Sydney actually is. I’m also trying not to think of the seemingly vast amount of hills I’m suddenly very aware of in my immediate area. It’s now I start thinking, moving to Canberra might not be such a bad idea. Flat, tree lined cycle ways everywhere I needed to go. Melbourne I think would also be good, Amsterdam (for obvious bikey reasons) also fantastic. Byron Bay was also very bike friendly.

Alloy, inches, step through, speeds are all things that I wasn’t thinking of a couple of weeks ago. One helpful young bike enthusiast showed me a lovely looking bike with 21 gears. I know I sound like a big girly girl, but what on earth do I do with 21 gears? Last time I was confidently riding the streets with the wind in my hair, my bike had a back pedal break and that was it. If I wanted to get up a hill, I pedaled harder. (For the record I did, briefly have a three speed bike after this one, but by that time I had become a ‘cool’ teen and cool teens most certainly didn’t ride three speeds, so it didn’t quite get the mileage that I think my parents had hoped for.)

DSC_0072 copy

Oh just get on there and ride, someone helpfully tells me. Half of me says, what’s the worse that could happen? The other half of me, tells me in great detail all the horrific worse things that could happen.

And so I sit, in biking limbo. Unsure of which way to venture. With twenty tabs open on my computer, all with a different view on the best city bicycle to own . I know one thing is for sure though, it looks like there is going to be two wheels on my horizon.


Does anyone have any biking tips for me? Brands they have been happy with, biking stories- horror or happy (I’m brave, I can take the horror ones) or just some general biking tips for riding in the city?