this weekend…

this weekend…

I got stuck trying on a vintage dress at a vintage and jazz fair. Arms shooting skyward in the change area, I was wedged in with no one to help. Call quietly to the stall holder or rip it and declare yes I would¬†love to buy this one. The moment of panic passed and I was able to wriggle my way out. Dress back on the coat hanger and dignity left on the floor. (That’s the problem with these lovely vintage dresses, they look fantastic… but not a lot of give in the fabric.)

I fiddled with forced perspective photography. Seriously fun, but I have a bit to practise.

I made sourdough.

I made apple and sultana scrolls for my Monkey Boy’s lunch box.

The Monkeys went a scootering. Winter leaves under feet, winter sun on our faces and wind in their hair. Until we lost Little Monkey’s brake. How is a little fella to scoot without a brake? With speed, determination and probably a splash of luck I suspect.

This weekend, I started a cowl for my niece. I unravelled the start and began again. I stopped and am doubting what I should be doing with the wool. It’s so lovely and soft, I want to do the right thing by it… maybe it should be knitted? Speak to me baby alpaca and silk balls of softness.

Speaking of knitted, my nana knitted these. My nana is cool… these socks are very cool. Actually they are very warm which is why they are on my feet. Yep, warm cool socks. Who would have thought it?

This weekend I would like to officially apologise to my neighbours. Sometimes the need for loud chunky guitar music is stronger than the need to be a polite considerate neighbour, (it was brief…reasonably.)

What are you up to this fine weekend?