it was all orange


carrots || cityhippyfarmgirl

knitted socks and duck feet || cityhippyfarmgirl


there is rather a lot to love about orange in winter isn’t there



13 thoughts on “it was all orange

  1. Orange is a welcome color anytime- but winter would probably be the best for the sunny color and bright spot of the days. I like it in autumn as well, the leaves in orange and yellow and red.


  2. Deep, rich burnt umber through the spectrum to Alice Springs orange are natures way of reminding us that our Aussie summer isn’t all that far away and we are going to be lusting for a few tufts of green again. LOVE that door, that broad and brazen expanse of orange like red lipstick on a geisha…defiance! Those shoes are gorgeous. Just found a pdf on how to make turnshoes that has me twitching with possibilities Don’t you LOVE the possibilities that come from Social media? 🙂


    • Oh I do, I do! One thought leads from one to another and before you know it you are packing your bags, unplugging all your cords, heading off on a camel, with nothing but a trail of ‘selfies’ in the orange dusted desert behind you…
      In the mean time turnshoes sound most interesting Ms Narf 🙂


    • In real life?…I love them.
      They were stiff and blistery the first say two weeks of wearing them in. Bandaids were my best friends, and I certainly wasn’t running. I also popped some arch support in there as all their shoes come flat, but apart from that, yep I love them…lots.


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