wind ups

This is one of my favourite things in my kitchen. My little wind up radio and torch. No batteries needed, and no plug in. All I need is a little winding arm action, and my radio will play. It also has a quite powerful torch. If I am waiting for a pot to boil or waiting for the toaster to pop, one minute of winding action will give me quite a long time of radio play (I haven’t actually timed how long). No cords to be had and I can take easily where ever I am. The beam is strong enough for all our needs, (I’m not hunting rabbits though.)

The Monkeys wanted to make this their own, and I didn’t really want to share as much as they wanted me to, so they in turn got their own windups.

The penguin is a great kids present. All kids love torches, and again no batteries. Just a little hand pumping action that can easily be done by Monkey Boy, pumping side gets tucked away and let there be light.

Little Monkeys torch is much smaller, but probably more powerful than the penguin. It’s small, the windup handle tucks away, and it has three options for the beam. (flash continuous, slow and fast.)