wind ups

This is one of my favourite things in my kitchen. My little wind up radio and torch. No batteries needed, and no plug in. All I need is a little winding arm action, and my radio will play. It also has a quite powerful torch. If I am waiting for a pot to boil or waiting for the toaster to pop, one minute of winding action will give me quite a long time of radio play (I haven’t actually timed how long). No cords to be had and I can take easily where ever I am. The beam is strong enough for all our needs, (I’m not hunting rabbits though.)

The Monkeys wanted to make this their own, and I didn’t really want to share as much as they wanted me to, so they in turn got their own windups.

The penguin is a great kids present. All kids love torches, and again no batteries. Just a little hand pumping action that can easily be done by Monkey Boy, pumping side gets tucked away and let there be light.

Little Monkeys torch is much smaller, but probably more powerful than the penguin. It’s small, the windup handle tucks away, and it has three options for the beam. (flash continuous, slow and fast.)

11 thoughts on “wind ups

  1. Wind-ups are such a clever invention, aren’t they! We have 2 wind-up torches floating around for quick night time chook checks, looking under couches for lost items or camping. Really need to get a wind-up radio for our “bushfire kit”. Last night we had both wind-ups going for about 3 hours due to a power failure.! The penguin is really cute 🙂


  2. Those are so cute- esp. the penguin!
    They would make great stocking stuffers.
    (I have Christmas on the brain! I start making gifts in July and suddenly everything is about Christmas and gifts for me!)


  3. Wind ups are a great technology, but we don’t seem to have had any luck with them. We bought one a few years ago when they were really expensive – the winder broke fairly soon after. We gave it a miss for a while then bought a cheaper one and the winder broke. We now have a solar one with a winder. We daren’t use the winder and I keep forgetting to stick it out in the sun – we are jinxed!


  4. I have the wind up ducks and I was surprised at how good they are and how long they last. I expected them to go dim after 2 or 3 minutes, but they stay quite some time.

    What brand is your radio/torch? I would love to have one.


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