sunflowers and lists




I’m trying to remember to do quite a few things at the moment. Lists are being made, crossed off, lost, restarted, and scribbled upon. The end of the year where everything comes to a halt. Classes are finishing, teachers are changing, christmas decorations have been hung and there is a buzz in the air that is beginning to mount. But not before I go through my multiple lists.

Thank you biscuits for the dance teachers.

Thank you biscuits for the soccer teacher.

Thank you biscuits for the school teacher.

Goodbye biscuits for the school class.

Christmas biscuits for the neighbours and friends.

Now if only I could remember to take them when I go and see them.

This year we’ve done the festive bundle of sticks again. It feels right. Fifteen minutes of collecting fallen sticks from outside, held together by a ribbon and then decorated by the boys. Simple, environmentally friendly, space saving, and most importantly….I can put it up high. If I didn’t, little fingers would be breaking off everything she could and jamming it into her mouth for a little stick flavoured snack.

How about you?

Working your way through any lists? Anyone else doing Christmas sticks this year?…and sunflowers, aren’t they beautiful.

There is something about seeing them that just puts a smile to the face and a little dance in the toes. Seeing them in unlikely places, like a city side street… just makes them even sweeter.

love that festive bundle of sticks

Funny how a bundle of collected sticks, ribboned together and  a little tinsel with a few colourful baubles can make you feel happy.

It’s size appropriate for where we live. It’s environmentally friendly, and it took a gathering of just a few metres to put together.

Both Monkey Boy and Little Monkey decorated and just like that, smiles all around.

Excited little boy faces at the result. I’m also happy as it can serve its purpose and then get dismantled and thrown back outside…but more than anything, I’m happy because they are happy. No whimpers of why don’t we have a real tree, just pure excitement.

I loved them for that.