love that festive bundle of sticks

Funny how a bundle of collected sticks, ribboned together and  a little tinsel with a few colourful baubles can make you feel happy.

It’s size appropriate for where we live. It’s environmentally friendly, and it took a gathering of just a few metres to put together.

Both Monkey Boy and Little Monkey decorated and just like that, smiles all around.

Excited little boy faces at the result. I’m also happy as it can serve its purpose and then get dismantled and thrown back outside…but more than anything, I’m happy because they are happy. No whimpers of why don’t we have a real tree, just pure excitement.

I loved them for that.

23 thoughts on “love that festive bundle of sticks

  1. Brydie, that’s very festive, and a perfect Christmas tree, as there’s lots of room for presents under it! Bless your little monkeys for being such lovely boys!

    PS. If you haven’t found the muscavado sugar yet, I bought some yesterday at Southern Cross Supplies in Marrickville. They don’t have any left at the moment, but they could probably order some in for you? xx


  2. Beautiful! My d-i-l uses willow sticks ( corkscrew willows, I think)
    and it is so appropriate and pretty! ( Her name is Willow.)
    I like this type of tree- it meets my sense of the whimsicallity of holidays.


  3. I love your family for that 🙂 Such a nice idea. We have a tiny fake Christmas tree that it similar in size to your bundle – but I like your bundle much better. I inherited the mini tree from my parents and have no space for a full-size one, but even if I do have a bigger house one day, I may just keep this idea in mind.


  4. I love this! We have a fake one that goes into and out of a box. I wish it were more eco-friendly like yours is. Bless your little monkeys for their acceptance. Should be more of it. Happy Christmas Brydie! x


  5. love it brydie..when my children were young we used to pick a huge bunch of holly from a tree that grew on the corner of a service station..we’d then put it into a big galvanised bucket and adorn it with some of our decorations and it would masquerade as a christmas children still have fond memories of our expeditions and the ‘trees’..:)


  6. nice to hear you love your sticks – I visited someone with a live christmas tree in a huge house recently and they were unhappy that the tree was too small for their nice new big house – whereas I think kids are less fussy – they just want to be in there hanging up baubles and admiring the sparkle


  7. I love your tree – so simple and happy.
    Xmas is a bit flat here this year with my youngest away in Canada and the other two not so interested in the tree and decorations, now that they are all grown up (or at least they think they are).


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