celebrating the everyday

this week it’s been made abundantly clear to me

that the mundane, the every day is not so ordinary

I always try to not take those every day moments for granted. Posts like these ones, focus on my love of those little moments… I know that, I really do.

But hearing what is going on in some other peoples lives at the moment and I’m left speechless…

This weekend, I’m celebrating my everyday.

celebrating the everyday

Celebrating the everyday.

Crowded bus on a grey drizzly evening, Full of anonymous people all plugged in to their own technology. Young girl steps on with her protective mother, clutching a home made card and wrapped present. “Happy Brithday” it said beautifully written out in a nine year olds hand writing. A cut out head of Bruno Mars made up the picture. In that anonymous crowded bus ride I loved that miss spelt card and the effort the young girl had put in.

Holding hands with Little Monkey, as we walk to school to pick up Monkey Boy. Soft rain falling, our rain coats squeaking as we walk. A warm little hand that still wants to be held by mine. Love that quiet moment.

Big rounded belly with soft kicks from inside. Trying to capture that time, as it will surely pass.

Loving listening to this album.

Stolen moment chats in my foyer stairs. With a wonderful friend that reminds me to celebrate the every day, as some people simply don’t get to have the everyday.

What’s been happening in your everyday?