celebrating the everyday

Celebrating the everyday.

Crowded bus on a grey drizzly evening, Full of anonymous people all plugged in to their own technology. Young girl steps on with her protective mother, clutching a home made card and wrapped present. “Happy Brithday” it said beautifully written out in a nine year olds hand writing. A cut out head of Bruno Mars made up the picture. In that anonymous crowded bus ride I loved that miss spelt card and the effort the young girl had put in.

Holding hands with Little Monkey, as we walk to school to pick up Monkey Boy. Soft rain falling, our rain coats squeaking as we walk. A warm little hand that still wants to be held by mine. Love that quiet moment.

Big rounded belly with soft kicks from inside. Trying to capture that time, as it will surely pass.

Loving listening to this album.

Stolen moment chats in my foyer stairs. With a wonderful friend that reminds me to celebrate the every day, as some people simply don’t get to have the everyday.

What’s been happening in your everyday?


31 thoughts on “celebrating the everyday

  1. This weekend I’ve enjoyed sleeping in, and having the luxury of waking when I want to (rather than when the alarm goes off)! Getting a long overdue haircut and colour, watching some great DVDs, drinking a cold beer while eating spicy, creamy laksa. Chatting with friends on the phone and cuddling my four legged baby. Life is good!


  2. I am practising being grateful for small things, apparently it makes you feel better.

    OH put excellent plaster on my finger where it got cut doing the dishes!

    Apallingly grateful for a batch of chestnuts that allowed themselves to be peeled easily – had a series of no goers up till now

    Not so grateful for spending two days on and off making candied peel only to take my eye off it in the crucial ten minutes and have it turn to toffee’d peel. but grateful that OH thinks we can still use it.

    Grateful that I have talked to someone in my extended family who hasn’t spoken to in years and we are back on track.

    Now for breakfast x


    • It does help Joanna, which is why I had done this post (as the rest of the week had been a bit of a bugger.)
      Two days of doing your peel to end in toffee is really disappointing. I hope you can still use it. Maybe that’s the now selling point…toffee peel! Yum!
      I made a huge pot of perfect peach jam last week, to burn it in the last 10 minutes while I read Little Monkey two stories… sigh.


  3. You say so much in your post today, loved it. One of my everyday moments is sitting in the car watching my son walking into his country school ( all of 60 kids) and the silent grin on his face as he runs when he sees his mates. From Monday to Friday , I watch this wonderful moment and feel so grateful that we changed schools and found a magical place for him….that being in the moment and cherishing who he is right now.


  4. Absolutely wonderful, i most especially love the little warm hand, i can still feel my children sticky hot hands in mine and have been grown and left home years ago.. wonderful post. we are so grateful for you .. c


  5. My everyday moments are most often of my husband.
    He takes such pleasure in doing a job well- no matter what the job is- from washing dishes to make my life easier to putting up Christmas lights so that our grandson will enjoy the display- or powerwashing the house- raking leaves- he wants the job to be done right. And when it is- he smiles.
    I love that smile.


  6. Lovely post, thanks, it reminded me to just be in the present moment. It’s so easy at times to get caught up with obligations and ‘things to do’. Your little monkeys are so beautiful (that Thai Boxing shirt is too cool!). I’m grateful for my own little family, just being together and sharing who we are with each other. And I’m grateful that my creative spark has reignited!


  7. I like your daily observations. People watching. Isn’t it interesting. As for my ‘everyday’. ‘Whirlwind’ is a fairly good description. Helping my neighbour cook for her husband’s birthday over the weekend; there were over fifty people! Trying to get my next craft project underway – not started! Due next week! Interviewing applicants for ‘property manager’ at the property; buying cows to send out to the property – no one’s selling so not easy! Going to the new place to show our daughter and greet 68 cows and talk to the share farmer about his crop of chickpeas. Friend catching up and a fiftieth to organise next week for one friend. I’m stopping now. Mariana xx


  8. Keep holding those little hands..there comes a time when they run off and are too embarrassed to be seen doing so. Beautiful moments to cherish and homemade cards are just the BEST! A nice belly pat for me, please. 🙂


  9. what a lovely post. and your kids look beautiful and happy (of course, with a mom like you!). my everyday this week was a lot of thinking about my career… good things are happening, but I will try to always have a little time to blog… and to write to my foodie friends.


  10. Have loved picking zucchini from the plants which have gone mad. I ate home grown veg all the time as a child and am so happy to finally feed them to my own children.

    Twice this week I have walked with the twins, holding both hands, so rare these days and next year they go to school… which in many ways I cannot wait for, but I will miss the hand holding as they grow older. Still hold my Giant Teenager by the hand sometimes, all is not lost.


  11. For reasons you’ll know this blog post was truly affecting. Thank you for taking the wonderful ordinariness we spoke of and celebrating it in its full wonder.


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