capturing those moments


a rainy day dance with a shower cap

Since the beginning, when this little person first decided to mark us with her magic. I have taken a picture of her. Once a week, every week, since she was born.

At first I was just going to take it for the first year of her life and the photo would have a black and white theme. Then she turned one, and I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. If I didn’t want to stop, then why would I? So each week on the same day, I take her picture. A portrait style, a brief capture of that moment. There are always plenty of other photos that are taken, but this one is just simply, her.

Everyone always says, childhood…you blink and they grow up. Being the nostalgic kind of mama that I am, I can’t imagine ever having too many photos. I take lots, and every single one of them is treasured by me. A single moment captured, a sneak peek at the person emerging, a memory to talk of later. I don’t do it for anyone but myself. If someone else enjoys what I take, that’s an added thrill. But for me I take a picture because I want to soak up this moment and remember this time as really she is only going to be like this once.

This week I’m linking in with Jodi for the first time.