capturing those moments


a rainy day dance with a shower cap

Since the beginning, when this little person first decided to mark us with her magic. I have taken a picture of her. Once a week, every week, since she was born.

At first I was just going to take it for the first year of her life and the photo would have a black and white theme. Then she turned one, and I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. If I didn’t want to stop, then why would I? So each week on the same day, I take her picture. A portrait style, a brief capture of that moment. There are always plenty of other photos that are taken, but this one is just simply, her.

Everyone always says, childhood…you blink and they grow up. Being the nostalgic kind of mama that I am, I can’t imagine ever having too many photos. I take lots, and every single one of them is treasured by me. A single moment captured, a sneak peek at the person emerging, a memory to talk of later. I don’t do it for anyone but myself. If someone else enjoys what I take, that’s an added thrill. But for me I take a picture because I want to soak up this moment and remember this time as really she is only going to be like this once.

This week I’m linking in with Jodi for the first time.


32 thoughts on “capturing those moments

  1. What a beautiful idea, Brydie! I wish I had done that when mine were little. I’ve just had a quick read of some of Jodi’s posts. She, too, makes me nostalgic for the snuggling in, baby times. How blessed your children are to have you and Jodi for mums.


  2. As a mother, I totally get it! I look at my 20 month old and think she was always this ‘big’. It’s not that Ive forgotten about the early days but somehow it gets pushed further and further down the back of your memory bank. I was just thinking this the other day when my friend had a baby and we went to visit and meet her new little man. I held the newborn for the first time and was amazed at how tiny he was, knowing that my own daughter was once that small.
    Photos truly are the most beautiful way to capture and relive memories xx


  3. Love it! I’m two months in a 365 day project where I take pictures of my girls every day. It’s a big commitment but I can’t wait to print the photo books at the end. Gorgeous picture.


  4. Such a joyful picture Brydie – and a wonderful idea. I, too, wish I’d thought of something similar. One thing I did do with mine was to take a photo of them all as they slept – they alsways look so angelic when asleep.


  5. Amazing Brydie. And very amazing because she’s your third child. I sort of dropped the bundle with my third. For my first two I wrote in their baby books every week, a story condensing everything that had happened. But for my poor little third guy, I just didn’t keep up with it. He’s so neglected! xx


  6. That is sunshine in that shower cap!
    I remember my boys doing the rain dance- I would watch and cheer and then recorded the wet foot prints in my memory before they dried up.
    You have such a good eye for photography and a beautiful model- these pictures must
    be adorable. You will all treasure them for years to come.
    Thanks for sharing this one with us! I feel very blessed to see her!


  7. I am sure your photos are just gorgeous – with a smile like that and your eye for beauty! I take lots of photos of sylvia and the hardest thing is keeping track of them into some sort of system so they don’t just get lost in the great pile of data on my computer! I like the saying about kids – the days are long but the years are short!


    • Johanna organising them is really time consuming. I’ve found the best method for me is by year. “Monkey Boy-5 years”, any single photos of him are put in that file and then I have a separate 2013 “family” file for mixed people photos. It makes it a lot easier to go looking then.


  8. I have seen some amazing montages collated by parents over the years for their children’s 21st or for when they get married or have a child of their own. Your gorgeous photos could be used for something like that but until your daughter is old enough to appreciate them, you can use them as bribes…I can just see her at 15 slamming her door and refusing to listen to mum’s wisdom and you waving that picture as leverage ;). I still have a wonderful picture of my now 31 year old son who is an esteemed accountant living in inner city Melbourne, dressed in a black afro and school uniform…we parents have to have SOME fun! 😉


  9. Oh you always make me so wistful to have my children small again…(though I do love the age they are at too!). But this is age is a magic age and the magic allows us to see everything through their eyes , which means the world is beautiful and wonderful most of the time.


  10. Beautiful, Brydie! I’ve been doing almost the same thing with my son – taking a photo (well, at least one!) a day for his first year, with the intention of a photo book at the end of it. Flipping back through the photos I get so lost and so amazed at how much he’s changed in almost 8 months. Maybe it’ll change to once a week after his first birthday…


  11. Oh this is just so very beautiful. The sentiment and the picture. Imagine when she is older, you can sit down over the photos and share those moment together all over again…*sigh*


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