the pause

I had a long honest post. I wrote it. It sat there. I read it, then read it again.

I then decided it was probably a bit too honest, and then deleted it.

So instead I’ll write… I stopped, I paused and that feels a whole lot better.

I also want to acknowledge the fact that parenting is hard. Juggling two small children, a young baby and a husband that works really long hours, with no other help can be hard at times. Really hard.

So what do I need to do?

Acknowledge that some moments, days, weeks are hard. Allowing myself to feel that and not try and suck it up all the time.

Be realistic and not try to do too many things. Lower my expectations a little and remember that things change all the time.

See beauty that sits around me.

Take time out for me. The world won’t come to a rolling stop, if I take a half an hour off to sit and stare vacantly into a coffee cup.

Remember to stretch, and most importantly… breathe.

Honestly, I think things will be just fine and for those days when it’s not so fine?

That’s fine too…

(and there is nothing quite like a family fun beast of a virus to give you some perspective.)


Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate all of them lovely people.

Now, what’s been happening with you?