Slow Living February 2012

First up, a huge thank you to all the lovely, lovely well wishes from my last post. We are still taking things nice and slow, and really enjoying this precious babymoon time. I’m still around, quietly reading your blogs and really appreciate any comments thrown my way as well.

I will be posting here and there with a few posts I have up my sleeve until I get used to our new family rhythm. For now though, here’s what was happening round these parts slow living style in Feb.

Slow Living February 2012

(an awesome concept created by the lovely Christine over at Slow Living Essentials)

NOURISH: Mr Chocolate has taken over the kitchen in the last two weeks, which I have to say has been fantastic. There has been a steady supply of chocolate chip biscuits, (now perfected) lots of tasty healthy meals for a hungry mama and a few well timed containers of deliciousness from awesome friends. Perfect.

PREPARE: I had been stocking up my freezer with ready to go meals, or little things that can be easily cooked up quickly. A few rolls of biscuit dough can make things a whole lot easier when there are school lunch boxes that still need to be filled and hungry little hands being held out. Now if only that freezer was twice as big, THEN I would be sorted.

REDUCE: Making use of my mum’s rather hefty sized stash of retro terry towelling. A new change table cover, and some little wipes sewn up. So much more interesting than standard bought ones.

GREEN: I’m still using the bicarb to wash my hair. So easy, and I really love not having to rely on shampoo to get my hair clean.

GROW:  My little pots still continue to struggle on. Too wet, too dry, not enough sun… the usual cityhippyfarmgirl garden goings on. I still like having some sort of greenery to look out to though. A little rosemary to rub between my fingers, a chilli or two to pluck… a caterpillar or three to squash under my shoe. I’m also still thinking about an olive tree in a pot, or perhaps a gardenia… or a bay. It’s for our placental planting, so if anyone has any tips or has done this before with good results in a pot I would love to hear from you.

CREATE: I’ve been hooking a cowl. After putting it over Mr Chocolate’s head 53 times, (to get an idea of what on earth I’m doing) I’m still not sure about the over all look. But I am loving the colours, and the rhythm of crocheting has been really relaxing…hook, hook, hook.

ENHANCE: I was the lucky recipient of this bag full of garden goodness from my lovely midwife. Home grown… just tastes so much better.

ENJOY: New life… yep, I’m completely smitten.

Baby whale song

Listening to a 1 year old sing, is a bit like listening to a whale sing its ocean song. Its enchanting, emotive, and brings a soft smile to your lips.

A 20 month old might not sound like a baby to some, but he is my baby. While he is still learning words and and a lot of what comes out his mouth is still gabble, to listen to him singing is enchanting. I turn my head at a tilt just so I can hear it better, just as I would as if I was listening to the magnificent creatures of the deep.

The soft lilting singing, the intonations, the placid look on his face while he goes about his monkey business singing as he does. This makes me want to squeeze him harder. This makes me want to stroke his downey soft baby curls on his head. This makes me want to plant kisses on the back of his sweet soft neck. I don’t though. I stop myself and hold back those hands, hugs and kisses. Hoping to let nothing side track him and detract from his baby whale song.

Apple Plum cake

125 grams butter

2/3 cup raw sugar

2 tps vanilla

3 eggs

1/2 cup natural yoghurt

1 1/2 cups self raising flour

100 grams ground hazelnut

1 tps cinnamon

1 apple and 4 plums pre-cooked

Add butter, sugar, and vanilla. Mixing in the 3 eggs and natural yoghurt. Add all dry ingredients. To a springform pan (20cm) add half the mixture, then a add a layer of the cooked fruit mixture. On the outside of the pan add the remainder of the cake mixture, leaving a hole in the middle for the fruit. Add any remainding fruit mixture to the middle and cook for 45 mins at 180 C or until golden.