Slow Living February 2012

First up, a huge thank you to all the lovely, lovely well wishes from my last post. We are still taking things nice and slow, and really enjoying this precious babymoon time. I’m still around, quietly reading your blogs and really appreciate any comments thrown my way as well.

I will be posting here and there with a few posts I have up my sleeve until I get used to our new family rhythm. For now though, here’s what was happening round these parts slow living style in Feb.

Slow Living February 2012

(an awesome concept created by the lovely Christine over at Slow Living Essentials)

NOURISH: Mr Chocolate has taken over the kitchen in the last two weeks, which I have to say has been fantastic. There has been a steady supply of chocolate chip biscuits, (now perfected) lots of tasty healthy meals for a hungry mama and a few well timed containers of deliciousness from awesome friends. Perfect.

PREPARE: I had been stocking up my freezer with ready to go meals, or little things that can be easily cooked up quickly. A few rolls of biscuit dough can make things a whole lot easier when there are school lunch boxes that still need to be filled and hungry little hands being held out. Now if only that freezer was twice as big, THEN I would be sorted.

REDUCE: Making use of my mum’s rather hefty sized stash of retro terry towelling. A new change table cover, and some little wipes sewn up. So much more interesting than standard bought ones.

GREEN: I’m still using the bicarb to wash my hair. So easy, and I really love not having to rely on shampoo to get my hair clean.

GROW:  My little pots still continue to struggle on. Too wet, too dry, not enough sun… the usual cityhippyfarmgirl garden goings on. I still like having some sort of greenery to look out to though. A little rosemary to rub between my fingers, a chilli or two to pluck… a caterpillar or three to squash under my shoe. I’m also still thinking about an olive tree in a pot, or perhaps a gardenia… or a bay. It’s for our placental planting, so if anyone has any tips or has done this before with good results in a pot I would love to hear from you.

CREATE: I’ve been hooking a cowl. After putting it over Mr Chocolate’s head 53 times, (to get an idea of what on earth I’m doing) I’m still not sure about the over all look. But I am loving the colours, and the rhythm of crocheting has been really relaxing…hook, hook, hook.

ENHANCE: I was the lucky recipient of this bag full of garden goodness from my lovely midwife. Home grown… just tastes so much better.

ENJOY: New life… yep, I’m completely smitten.

38 thoughts on “Slow Living February 2012

  1. Ohhh…I’m smitten with you. What beautiful photos and a gorgeous head of hair in the last one! It sounds like you have had a lovely few weeks. I’m with you that a bigger freezer would make all the difference to food stocking up…it’s great to hear you’ve had some help from Mr Chocolate (in the food and cowl modelling stakes 😉 ) and friends.


  2. Beautiful/.
    I love the concept of a babymoon.
    The prudent use of vintage toweling.
    The gift of homegrown and the relationship with your midwife.
    The loving care of family by your husband.
    The creativity displayed by your cowl.
    And that last view of your sweet daughter.


  3. Oh, you sweet girl! Lovely to hear all of your slow happenings, just as they should be. How fitting that Mr Chocolate has perfected the art of choc chip biscuits! And I see now your background behind the thoughtful planting in a experience with this in the pot style, just a friend who ceremonially planted a fruit tree in the ground with the precious package. Wish I could be more help. Loving the Little Miss in her jungle wrap! xx


    • ahh, if only I had ground to do it in, that would make the decision a whole lot easier. I’m still thinking about your bay tree idea as well.
      As for the jungle wrap… everyone needs a little animal print now and then.


  4. Beautiful! Reminds me of when I was babymooning with my third little boy, knitting away the winter days with him snuggled in my arms. I have my two homebirthed babes’ placentas planted beneath fruit trees in big half wine barrels, waiting to be transplanted when we finally find home. We have had good results with a mandarin and dwarf peach tree, and used a big freezer-burnt hunk of meat as a pseudo-placenta for my eldest when we dug up some pear trees to bring south with us (he was feeling a bit left out, every boy needs a birth tree!) Olives are pretty hardy trees and don’t require much attention, so the placenta might be a bit rich for them. Dwarf trees are a good choice if you think it is likely to stay in the pot for a while.


    • I love that you did a pseudo placenta for your eldest. That’s awesome…(I wonder if my boys are going to feel left out too!)
      Half wine barrels would be a good size to have and dwarf fruit trees is definitely a good idea. Will keep thinking some more on it…


  5. Lovely reflections! I love the terry towelling – the fabrics in the stores are mostly so dull! Glad you are getting good support so you can enjoy time with the wee one.

    We have a lemon and a lime tree in pots and they work well – though at times look a bit sad depending on the weather and my attention – at the moment they threaten a lovely harvest if all the fruit keeps growing. I know at least one of the little trees was a dwarf and we were told to keep them pruned back


  6. Beautiful beautiful!! Enjoy her!!! Time goes by so quickly!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations from far away Argentina, from just a city moma like you, but with grown up kids.


  7. Am loving these baby posts!!! And yes in reply to your comment. on my can come and stay at the farmstay when you are ready. The farmstay is on Stayz ….just look up accomodation ‘branxton’ and The Little Black Cow Farmstay will pop up. In the descriptions section there are packages to look for. What we usually do is send off a check list of your interests so that we know exactly what you and the family want to do. So we can tailor anything to suit.
    I am sure you will be just soaking up this baby time at the moment, but just email when you are ready.


  8. Everyone has said it all.. I couldn’t help but feel such a warm glow and gentleness when reading and looking through your photos and comments today. What a lovely home for your baby (s) to grow up in. And when I scrolled down the last picture it took my breath away.. she’s just beautiful perfection, Brydie! Congratulations again:) xo Smidge


  9. Loving the slowness of your babymoon and rythmic pulses of family life. There is much to savour and you do so beautifully and reflectively; wonderful post.


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