a roast tomato tart… or four

I could have eaten four of these

I didn’t… but I could have

Oh, I so could have…



200gms butter

2 cups plain flour (300gms)

110gms natural yogurt

1 tsp vinegar

In a food processor pulse flour and butter until resembles bread crumbs. Tip out into a bowl and add yogurt and vinegar. Mix through, a quick knead until a smooth consistency and then pop into the fridge for awhile. Take out and roll to the thickness you want. I did individual tarts, but it could easily be done as one big one.


A layer of sliced fresh mozzarella

A couple of strips of free range bacon

Roasted tomatoes

Into the oven at 200C until the pastry is golden.


36 thoughts on “a roast tomato tart… or four

  1. Yum, yum, yum. Suddenly breakfast seems so long ago..This is what I need for lunch…Now!! Delish. I believe you would’ve been quite within your rights to have four. 😉


  2. I’m not surprised you could have eaten four of them. They look so delicious. Love the idea of yoghurt in the pastry. These would be great for when you have your girlfriends over for lunch.


  3. It’s terrible looking at this just before I have my lunch – your photos are making me very very hungry – my mum does maggie beer’s sour cream pastry which is lovely but I don’t use sour cream a lot – but I think I prefer the idea of this pastry because I love yoghurt


  4. They look stunning. I love the pile of leaves by the side too – simplicity and elegance and I imagine totally delicious – oven roasted tomatoes are fab!


  5. Oh yum! Guess what we will have for dinner tonight now! And i got nice fresh tomatoes at the markets this morning too!
    I’ve been an admirer of your blog for a littl while and I’d like to offer you a Leibster Blog Award. If its somethig that you’d like to be part of, pop over to my blog (www.littlepracticalfro.blogspot.com) and see what its all about! Cheers! – Kara


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