All About Women

In the lead up to International Women’s Day I sent out a bunch of cards to a bunch of women that in someway, shape or form rock my world and I think they are a bit awesome.

I’d written before about giving bunches of lavender, this time I wanted to give a card. A few words, a tiny token of thanks for being a pretty wonderful woman in my life.

Speaking of wonderful women, last Sunday I got to hang out with Elizabeth Gilbert and hear her talk on creativity. Hear a panel that included Germaine Greer and Clementine Ford, taking in their thoughts on “How to be a Feminist.” And lastly watching the documentary of Finding Vivian Maier.

Three completely different trains of thought, that at the end of the day I think I felt a bit overwhelmed with. I felt charged and inspired with the first two and then watching the documentary on Vivian…in some ways it felt like the complete opposite to the first two. Certainly lots of bits to muse on over my notes anyway.


Are you scribbling notes anywhere? What have you been up to?