That’s a wrap

The garden is whispering to me,

the kids want to go swimming,

the dog wants a run,

and I’ve got a reading pile the length of two arms.

Thanks for taking the time to hangout in 2016 dear readers. I’m really looking forward to seeing what next year brings but also keen to see how much garden time, swims, dog runs and reading I can squeeze into the now.

2016 saw a bundle of different topics covered here, so I thought I’d do a quick recap before I’m lost to the wilds of the kids, go swimming with the dog and spend time reading the garden, (or something like that.)

Something that plays an important part of my life, The Kindness Exchange or The Gift Economy, and also loved ones that remind me to make time for what matters.

Gluten free cooking got a look in with the Buckwheat Pancakes and Chickpea Pancakes becoming family favourites.

Setting up a whole new garden this year meant I was now focussing on Soldier Fly LarvaeSlug Problems and how to set up and maintain your Compost. Along with planting some of the Best Flowers to grow for you and your Bees (and a little extra bee love information here.)

My poor misguided children gagged their way through Spinach and Fetta Bread and for the sourdough bakers out there, something you might find handy, a how to Dehydrate your Starter and bring it back to LIFE again tutorial.

While I adore playing with words, sometimes it’s just about the pictures, like a mini winter break, staying in the Hunter Valley which was lovely, and good reminder to do things you love, like How to be Creative with Kids Around (or how to milk the day for everything it has.)

There were lots more posts throughout the year if you are still keen to do more reading and if not, instead, you intend taking some time off to spend with loved ones, dig your fingers in the soil and bake tray loads of traditional Scandinavian treats (surely not just me??) Well, enjoy that time dear people.

See you in January!


hello 2016…I’ve been expecting you

sunrise || cityhippyfarmgirl

Well hello there 2016…I’ve been expecting you.

I just had a quick peek back to see what I’d written for the beginning of 2015…it seems I wished for a connected year. I’m happy to say, yes, yes it was. A deliciously intensely packed full of goodness connected year. There were paths that emerged, choices made, with options that were carefully considered and taken.

I’m also happy to say an incredibly full, connected and diverse life was lived, can’t ask for much more than that I say.

Some of those choices that were taken might become evident over the next little while within these blog pages, while others might take a while to be shaken out while I work out the how’s, where’s and who’s, (hang tight with those ones, but we will get there.)

One that I can say for now is, well, I moved. Yep, that was a big one. Still a cityslicker, with hippy tendencies and farm girl aspirations, just with a little more elbow room to move now. It’s a bit exciting to say, my making loaves of sourdough over the washing machine are behind me…hoorrah to that one too!

So new beginnings, a new start, new ideas, and a brand spanking new year…

2016 let’s get cracking.


But what about you? What have you been up to? How was 2015? What does the brand spanking new 2016 year hold for you? Plans, ideas anything you want to share?

*** Also, also, also….it has come to my attention that for some wordpressy special reason there has been a glitch along the line with the email notifications and people receiving them when there is a new post up. If you haven’t been getting the heads up there is a new post email, please subscribe again and hopefully that will kick-start things once more. I haven’t stopped blogging, I didn’t stop blogging, a glitch somewhere amongst it all is to blame and until I nut that one out, just hold tight and hopefully all will be as it should be shortly. In the mean time, keep checking in, I’d hate for you to miss out on a post.