full bellies and kitchen light

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It’s that time of year where there is far too much light in my kitchen. Far too much. The kind of light that come afternoon timeย illuminates every fallen crumb, every slopped drop and probably a little too much sticky dust to feel entirely comfortable with. Yes I could clean it, but who has two whole days to designate to kitchen cleaning? (Which is how long it would take.) Better if I just keep cooking and await day light saving to kick in, the light will be much more friendly then.

Dishes creating those fallen crumbs and sloppy drops have been a plenty. It’s always the busiest room of the household, and it’s unlikely to be slowing down any time soon.

Fetta flat breads to be baked for afternoon picnics in parks.

Little pastry parcels that have names like empanadas, pasties, pocket pies, short eats and tasty goodness. (Ok I might have made the last one up.)

There have been mung beans to be sprouted.

Chocolate Vanilla layer biscuits were inhaled.

Stripey sourdough loaves baked with a shake of cocoa on top for a visual effect.

and simple vegetarian dinners were gobbled up on a Saturday night.

The cauliflower quinoa dish was entirely forgetable (definitely not worthy of a photo) and the two batches of chocolate biscuits consumed and given away within a blink of an eye didn’t quite make it to a photo.

My kitchen corners might not be super clean but at least our bellies have been full.


linking in with the lovely Celia this month.


50 thoughts on “full bellies and kitchen light

  1. Love this post Brydie. My kitchen looks exactly the same, right this minute… overly illuminated! I can see little crumbs and shakes of coconut from my batch of baking on Friday night. But hey, a little dust never hurt anyone (well, except those with dust allergies, but… well, I won’t go there right now!). Loving the cocoa and vanilla stripes (on the cookies and the sourdough loaf!). Glad that you’re all feeling well nourished xx


  2. Ok what a surprise!! “empanadas” are a tipycal food here in Argentina. Do you like them?? With what do you fill them?? Love your chocolate vainilla layer biscuits !


    • I do like them Ale ๐Ÿ™‚ These particular ones were all different, but generally a tomato and cheese combination as a base. I prefer the vegetarian ones to the meat…Now tell me, what’s for dinner in Argentina tonight? ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Oh look at all of your lovely things Brydie! This happens in my kitchen too don’t worry…the dust in the bright light I mean! Tasty food is much more important. Your biscuits look incredibly good and I love the sourdough with the cocoa. Happy Sunday to you x


  4. Ah yes, the light. Brydie we have a glass wall facing north in our lounge room, the dust motes/balls/bunnies between 10am-2pm at this time of the year are disgraceful but I’m living with ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that effect from the cocoa!
    From one dust endurer to another.


  5. I tend to make sure I look at the table from the right angle in our kitchen so I don’t see every wipe of the cloth ๐Ÿ™‚

    love your cooking – and the light looks beautiful in your photos as always – wish I could slash bread like that


  6. what gorgeous eats brydie..everything looks so damned fine! i dropped my bread flour tin on the floor this morning and i cleaned up the worst of the mess but i still need to vacuum the rest up..maybe tomorrow!


    • I had something similar this morning Jane, although it was small fingers doing the dropping. She gets the measuring cups out and then drops the flour in the measuring cups in the general direction of my mixer…was quite a snow storm!


  7. Those chocolate biscuit layers are very appealing…I don’t think the light can hurt them ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m liking the slightly longer days and thus slightly easier post-work photographing, but then again, we don’t have daylight saving here so we may not get the full strength of kitchen illuminating beams!


  8. Well my Kitchen is exactly the same as yours with the light illuminating every speck of dirt, grease and the crumbs, except there is nowhere near the amount of gorgeous food being produced. You are such an inspiration Brydie with all the beautiful things you make, you really are. Your bread is a work of art. Have a lovely week. Mel x


  9. AMEN! If you found a way to catch all of the drippy bits and the dust motes and the ash particles that we have in our kitchen on Serendipity Farm you could probably fill a compost heap in a week ;). Love those stripy bickies and cheers for the share…my bickie barrel is officially down to the crumbs and these gorgeous babies will make Steve squee (in a manly sort of bass tone way of course…ehem…)


  10. Tasty goodness is my favourite name of all! I’d love to hang out in your kitchen Brydie…’pfft’ to the light, it’s what comes out of the busiest room in the house that matters..and your kitchen never fails to satisfy! Loving that bread with the cocoa crust effect..very spiffy!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Brydie, I do not know how people keep their houses and kitchens clean. Some may suggest, but not me, by not using them. If that is the case, then like you, I will just have to live with that damn light!


  12. Would far rather have a kitchen (and belly) full of delicious food like this than a pristine kitchen. I do like your style, carrying on cooking rather than worry about the crumbs. Particularly love the look of that feta flatbread, yummy!


  13. Brydie, there’s an old saying that goes something like this: “My kitchen is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.” Sounds like you live LIFE! Was just trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my Feta and a burgeoning rosemary bush… your flat bread looks like the perfect solution… with a picnic, of course! Here’s to full bellies and kitchen light…


  14. The seasons wreak havoc on the light in my kitchen as well. Soon, it will be dark by 6:30 and I’ll be forced to either make dinner at 2pm or photograph everything in my home made light box.
    Beautiful bread BTW!!


  15. Oh, that light. Beautiful, bright and revealing. And now, I’m so very very hungry. I could start at the top and work my way down the treats, having no problem not leaving a single crumb on my plate for that light to catch.


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