Illumination, disgrace and some Chocolate Honey biscuits

I can’t go in to my kitchen around two o’clock in the afternoon.

Far too scary.

At that time all I find is filth and disgrace. Twelve o’clock is fine, three thirty is fine too, but two o’clock…uh uhh.

You see, that’s when the afternoon light hits everything. Hit’s the bench tops, the stove top, the top of the fridge, the cupboard doors, it even fills up the tiny crack between the oven and the benches. So what does it show? It doesn’t show, it illuminates every crumb, finger print, and sloppage humanly possible.

At 9am, when the shadows are still discreet, I think I have a clean kitchen. I think I have a lovely clean kitchen. But come two o’clock and the thruth is revealed. The bare and honest truth.

If I have the unfortunate task of going in to said kitchen at this time, I usually do two things.

One, walk briskly out, muttering that’s disgusting, (obviously too disgusting to do anything about it.) Or two, I start cleaning. Β Not enough to actually fix the problem, (because that clearly, would take hours and hours) but just enough to take away the time from what ever else I should have been doing.

So that’s why there can’t be any kitchen happenings at that time. Three thirty I can go back in there, and start hauling food around again.

(Which is well timed actually… as from three thirty onwards it’s the bathroom I have to avoid. Shocking illumination in there then.)

Chocolate Honey Biscuits

150g softened butter

150mls honey

150g melted chocolate

450g plain flour

1 tsp vanilla

Mix all together. put through a piping bag with a wide nozzel, (or simply roll them.) Bake at 180C for about 20 minutes.

(See here for my original honey biscuits)


35 thoughts on “Illumination, disgrace and some Chocolate Honey biscuits

  1. Sounds like you don’t need a watch Brydie, you can tell the time by tracking the sun through your kitchen! I seem to have a bright kitchen that is generally bedazzled by sun most of the day – by which I mean either I choose not to see the grime or it blinds me from doing so.

    Very nice looking biscuits – love the piping.


  2. Oh, can so relate, my illuminate mess in kitchen time is around 3pm, same light streaming in revealing a multitude of grubbiness…rest of the time…not so bad!! Thanks for the bickie recipe will be making them this weekend for sure!!


  3. Alternatively invest in a worktop like mine that has such a complicated riot of recycled glass particles that the only way you notice the crumbs is when you put your hand on them. I have to get down at eyelevel and look along the surface to see the accumulations of flour dust and raisin crumbs. The only thing that stands out on it is cooked wild plum juice…

    Your piped biscuits look worth braving that cruel and merciless light for any time though….. πŸ˜€


  4. Ha ha – I have to go around my house virtually blindfold these days as I seem to prefer spending my time baking than doing housework! Glad you decided baking was more important too and ended on a high with those delectable and elegant biscuits – which you make sound so easy. Just put through a piping bag and pipe – ha!


  5. Oh this made me laugh…mostly because I wholeheartedly sympathise! Full light shining on kitchen bench tops is a recipe for all manner of marks and dirty to suddenly appear. I’m grateful I don’t have wooden floors, as at my parent’s, they get illuminated too and it’s amazing how much cat hair shows up!!


  6. Ahh, yes, it’s times like these when I feel grateful for a south facing kitchen window, although that’s not all as peachy as it sounds..the south facing loungeroom windows were growing algae recently..ick! Must be too dry for that kind of growth in the kitchen.

    Those bickies would take the pain of any ‘illuminatings’ away.


  7. Hahaha! You need to develop tunnel vision!
    It allows you to focus on only the project at hand and ignore all of the more unseemly ( read crumby fingerprints) items on display!


  8. Beautiful looking swirly cookies! I take my regular glasses off and put on my reading glasses when I go into my illuminated kitchen – and then I can’t see too much detail.. πŸ™‚


  9. I’m with Celia here – if I had this problem with lighting I think it would be wise to just remove my glasses, then everything is in a slightly soft haze. Further, I think you should be looking on this as a lighting problem – nothing more!


  10. Just discovered your lovely blog via Down to Earth. I can definitely relate to the lighting and crumb problem. Best thing for my kitchen was a verandah and thus shade being added to the kitchen.


  11. Hmm, I know the illumination problem all too well. Also the tidying enough to make no difference apart from taking you away from something else.

    Fabulous looking biscuits. Must make them soon. The original ones look pretty amazing too.


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